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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Picks of March...

It's March which means it is time to pick some college basketball games!  I forget how many years we've done this, but I feel like it's been a few (at least).  Anyway, last night I sat The Wife and The Kids down and we each picked games.  We did this for the NCAA Tournament and the NIT.  I also picked games in the Women's NCAA Tournament (but didn't have anyone else in the family pick... because we'd already spent enough time picking games).  Below are our picks... may the best man/woman/child win...

Daniel's NCAA Picks

My NCAA Picks
The Wife's NCAA Picks
Mary Ruth's NCAA Picks
Susie's NCAA Picks

Daniel's NIT Picks

My NIT Picks

The Wife's NIT Picks

Mary Ruth's NIT Picks
Susie's NIT Picks

My picks for the WBB NCAA Tournament

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