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Monday, January 30, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to swing by the I'm just sayin... offices today to wish my good friend Ashley a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she has a GREAT day!  Since I'm a gentleman, I won't tell you her age... but I will say she is two years older than me.  So, you do the simple math.

Anyway, she is a dear friend and I hope this is the best birthday ever (until the next one).

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d like to wish Mom a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I am very lucky to have her as a mother and I hope she has a GREAT day. We were able to celebrate her birthday a few days early last Friday at a surprise birthday party for her. It was a nice small gathering that was a lot of fun. I won’t tell you how old she is, but I will remind you that she turned 70 last year… so she isn’t 70 anymore.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I would like to take a minute today to wish my youngest niece, Meredith, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

 As you know, Meredith is the only niece/nephew I currently have who was born after I got married. She was born on a cold day… and by cold, I mean it snowed. Maybe it didn’t snow the day she was born, but it snowed while she was in the “hospital”. I might be off on how the weather was the day she was born because I was sick. And by sick, I mean I was on my death bed. The Wife, of course, was more than happy to leave me on my death bed to go take care of Leah and Ansley while Teresa Lynn and Brent were at the “hospital”.

 Anyway… HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEREDITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope you have a GREAT day!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Special day…

Today, of course, is a special day because it is Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson’s birthday. We honor him on here because he shares the same birthday as me (month and day… we were born in different years) AND because he had, perhaps, the best military nickname ever. If not the best, it’s at least in the conversation.

It’s also special because I turn 38 today. Unlike Sonny, I acknowledge my birthday because I don’t fear growing older. Why don’t I fear growing older? Because old men get to say whatever they want and people are willing to overlook at lot of (potentially) offensive things because that’s just “Old Mr. Horres” talking. I’m not exactly sure what age you have to reach to receive this ability, but I’m looking forward to reaching it. Of course, to take advantage of this superpower you have to actually talk. And that, friends, is why Sonny isn’t as excited to grow old as I am.

A little game I like to play every now and then when I’m on the phone with Mom or Teresa Lynn is to say something like “Yeah, I would have called you sooner, but Sonny called me and was just talking my ears off… I couldn’t get him off the phone”. They don’t want to believe me… they know I’m lying… but deep down they can’t help but think maybe I’m telling the truth. It’s fun…

I did tell Mom one time that if she really wanted to talk to Sonny, she should just hold her phone up to her ear and talk. It’s not that different from actually calling him and talking to him. Ha!

January 21st is significant for two other people (besides me and me and Stonewall Jackson)… Medal of Honor recipient Major Richard D. Winters was born on January 21, 1918 while Medal of Honor recipient First Lieutenant Harry F. Welsh died on January 21, 1995.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cougar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to wish my sister-in-law Cougar a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was able to call in some favors and get her a Clemson National Championship for her birthday gift. Top that, Sonny. Of course, as you know, my brother isn’t one to celebrate birthdays. It probably comes from all of the times Mom and Dad went overboard on the birthday parties they would throw him. Or maybe it’s because once you have to start paying for the parties, they stop being fun. I don’t know… but whatever the reason, he ignores birthdays. Cougar’s birthday, however, may be the exception. Not because she’s his wife… but because she’s a good bit older than him (his words, not mine… who am I kidding, Sonny doesn’t use words. Those are totally my words). Anyway, I hope Cougar has a GREAT birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, today is also the birthday of Robert E. Lee (no longer living). Just how popular of a commander was Lee? Well, he has barracks named after him at West Point that were built in 1962. That’s pretty good…

Monday, January 16, 2017

I told you so...

I know I’m a little late with this, but as I always say… better late than never. Congrats to the Clemson Tiger football team on their National Championship!!!!! I, of course, am not surprised they won. I’m not surprised they won because they have Tony Elliott, and I’ve always said that if Clemson really wanted to win, they’d bring Tony onto the staff. They did that in 2011 and I congratulated them because I knew it was a turning point for the program. Some will tell you the turning point came when Clemson took a chance on Dabo… or when Dabo hired a little known OC (Chad Morris) or brought in Brent Venables to run the D. Perhaps, some would argue, the turning point came when a fella I like to call Deshaun Watson (because that’s his name) came to play QB for the Tigers. All of these are great and important… but if you only ever listen to me once, listen to me now when I tell you the turning point came when Tony Elliott joined the staff. I’ve told you time and time again that he is a winner and he has done nothing but prove me right. Some questioned the hire when they brought him in as a RB coach. I told them he’d do great (he’s coached a number… 4, I think, maybe more 1,000 yard rushers). Some questioned promoting him to Co-OC (with Jeff Scott)… I, again, said he’d do great. Actually, I said they would do great, I don’t mind giving Jeff Scott credit, too. All they’ve done since that last promotion is win (with the exception of 2 games). If there’s one thing life has taught me, it’s that haters gonna hate and winners gonna win… and Tony Elliott is a winner.

As for the championship game… If anyone thinks Alabama lost that game (rather than Clemson winning it), you are blinded by Alabama/SEC love or Clemson hate. Why do I say this? Because I have listened recently to some sports analysts come up with excuses for Bama coming up short: Saben shouldn’t have changed OC’s when he did… The Alabama QB wasn’t good enough… The Alabama D was on the field for too many plays… Clemson should have had a flag thrown on them on that last TD play… Well, as Coach Hatley used to yell at me, excuses don’t change man’s love for the winner or scorn for the loser.

The Alabama offense scored more against a great Clemson defense than they did the week before against Washington’s defense. The change in OC’s didn’t slow them down.

The Alabama QB scored what would have been the game winning TD (had the top rated Alabama defense been able to get a stop). Is he the greatest QB? Of course not… but he was good enough.

The Alabama D was on the field for 99 plays… That’s a lot. Honestly, that is too many plays. But it’s their fault they were out there for that long. Do you know why the Clemson defense wasn’t on the field that long? They got stops. The Clemson offense turned the ball over twice… but people aren’t making excuses for the Clemson defense. Know why? Because the Clemson defense did enough to win.

It’s possible that the Clemson receiver wanted to pick the DB. It’s probable that was his intent. But that isn’t what happened. What happened was the Alabama DB grabbed the Clemson WR by his shoulders and threw him to the ground while the other DB went around them. Had he run into them, maybe it gets called (I’d still think it’s a bad call, but I’d understand it being called). But that isn’t what happened.

The bottom line is Alabama had a great team and they lost to a Clemson team that was just better. It happens. It happened to Clemson last year. And while Watson will get most of the credit (and he should… he was the best player on the field), it was a team effort for the Tigers.

I wanted yesterday’s post to be all about Uncle George, to I didn’t bring this up then… but I didn’t forget that yesterday was the anniversary of Da’s death and Lucy’s death. Two sad events in my life… but I’m thankful I got to know them.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uncle George!!!!!!!!!!!!'

I would like to wish my Uncle George a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! For their anniversary this past November, my Aunt Yvonne gave him the greatest gift ever... she had Fidel Castro eliminated.  I CAN'T WAIT to hear what she thinks up for his birthday! Anyway, Happy Birthday Uncle George!!!!!!! We hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I’d like to wish my eldest godson Lucas a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe he is now 6 years old! It has been a fun 6 years watching him grow up. Time is flying by…

I’d also like to wish Maverick a happy belated birthday! The old fella turned 15 years old yesterday. He’s got fatty tumors all over his body, breath that died about 3 years ago, two back legs that don’t always work like they used to, he sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes and I’m pretty sure he’s at least 70% blind… but there’s nothing wrong with his hearing. How do I know? Because whenever The Wife talks to me about replacing him, I look over to see him just staring at her. And, God bless him, he still thinks it’s his job to protect the house. Whenever he goes outside, he walks the perimeter making sure nothing has come through the fence. He is also good with Gertrude. In his younger years, that might not have been the case, but these days he has a little more of a live and let live attitude.

Maverick ready to ring in the New Year...

Mary Ruth, Susie, Lucas and Daniel partying like it's 1999