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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Donate to my Memory Walk and Feel Better About Yourself

I want to start today by thanking my AWESOME friend Ashley for donating to my Memory Walk. It is nice seeing someone at my bank (name: CresCom Bank; motto: Sorry ‘bout the name) supporting me in my goal. You, too, can join me in my fight against Alzheimer’s. Time is running out… but there’s still time for you to give. Thanks again to Ashley for her donation. Studies have shown that if you donate to my Memory Walk, you will feel better about yourself. At the very least, I’ll feel better about you… and that’s what really matters.

Did you see the ESPN 30 for 30 on the Cubs fan who tried to catch a foul ball during a playoff game in 2003 and ended up being blamed by many Cubs fans for “costing” the Cubs the game? Sorry, I don’t want to use his name on here because I don’t think we should have ever learned it in the first place. Honestly, I don’t think people would have made a big deal about it if Mr. Piss Hands Alou (what’s with the name, you ask? Moises Alou once said that he pees on his hands because it toughens his hands so they wouldn’t blister. Funny… I just wore batting gloves) hadn’t pitched a fit when it happened. People would have also forgotten it if their freaking shortstop Alex S. Gonzalez hadn’t screwed up an easy ground ball which would have been an easy double play. Or if the Cubs had won the next game. I’m a Cubs fan. I’ve been one for as long as I can remember. I thought 2003 could/would be the year for the Cubs. It wasn’t… but I don’t blame some fan for that. I never have and I never will. If I was going to blame anyone, I’d blame Sammy F’ing Sosa… but that might just be because I never liked him.

So… look at the below picture and tell the truth. Does Piglet have a drinking problem?

Come on Dad... just one more.  I'm fine... really.

I think I’ve found my dream vehicle… see below.

Take a look at my next vehicle...

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions

High School
James Island vs. Beaufort – I’m picking JI in this game.

Summerville at West Ashley – I’m picking Summerville.

Ashley Ridge vs. Wando – I think Ashley Ridge will pull off the upset. I’m pretty sure it will be an upset.

Dorman vs. Hillcrest – I think Dorman will win this one.

#10USC vs. Auburn – 3:30pm (CBS) – If you listened to some USC fans after Clemson beat Auburn, you’d think Auburn was in the Big South. I think Auburn is better than that… but as long as Lattimore and Ingram are on the field, I think the Revolutionary War Heroes will win this game.

#13Clemson at #11Virginia Tech – 6:00pm (ESPN2) – I know it’s a road game and I know it’s at Virginia Tech, but I just can’t pick against Sammy Watkins right now. I don’t know how, but I’m picking Clemson to win this one.

Navy vs. Air Force – 12:00pm (CBS) – I pick Navy to win.

CSU vs. Wesley College – 1:30pm – I’m going to pick CSU to win this game (probably for the last time this season).

Wyoming at Utah State – 6:00pm MT – This will be a tough game on the road for the Cowboys. I think Utah State will win this in a close game.

Appalachian State at Wofford – 3:00pm – I pick Wofford to win this game.

Pittsburgh at Houston - 1:00pm (CBS) – I pick the Steelers to win this game.

Miami at San Diego – 4:15pm (CBS) – I pick San Diego to win this game.

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant Edward A. Carter, Jr. (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on March 23, 1945 near Speyer, Germany. His citation reads:

For extraordinary heroism in action on 23 March 1945, near Speyer, Germany. When the tank on which he was riding received heavy bazooka and small arms fire, Sergeant Carter voluntarily attempted to lead a three-man group across an open field. Within a short time, two of his men were killed and the third seriously wounded. Continuing on alone, he was wounded five times and finally forced to take cover. As eight enemy riflemen attempted to capture him, Sergeant Carter killed six of them and captured the remaining two. He then crossed the field using as a shield his two prisoners from which he obtained valuable information concerning the disposition of enemy troops. Staff Sergeant Carter's extraordinary heroism was an inspiration to the officers and men of the Seventh Army Infantry Company Number 1 (Provisional) and exemplify the highest traditions of the Armed Forces.

Private George Carter (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions from August to October 1868 in Arizona. His citation reads:

Bravery in scouts and actions against Indians.

Second Lieutenant John J. Carter (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on September 17, 1862 at Antietam, Maryland. His citation reads:

While in command of a detached company, seeing his regiment thrown into confusion by a charge of the enemy, without orders made a countercharge upon the attacking column and checked the assault. Penetrated within the enemy's lines at night and obtained valuable information.

Monday, September 26, 2011

So far, so good…

Before we get started today, I want to remind you that you, too, can join me in my fight against Alzheimer’s. I would like to raise $1,000 without having to send out any emails, so hurry up and give. If you wait to donate until I email you, I must ask that you give double. It’s only fair. Give here.

Don’t forget an all new NCIS will air this Tuesday night (8:00 on CBS).

So how about this past weekend? Looked like things were rockin’ in Clemson and Columbia. It’s nice to see both state schools start the season 4-0. The funny thing is neither team has looked great for a full game… they’re both just finding a way to win. I don’t know when they both started a season 4-0, but I would guess it hasn’t happened too many times.

As you know, I’m just sayin… was the first to tell you that CJ Spiller was great. I’m now going to tell you to keep an eye on Sammy Watkins and Nuke Hopkins at Clemson and Marcus Lattimore and Melvin Ingram at USC. There are others as well… but I will get to them another day. Remember, you heard it here first.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m just sayin… is now on Twitter. Don’t get too excited. I’ve been on Twitter for a little over a year now and I don’t really post much. Still, I wanted to get I’m just sayin… out there before some local writer decided to get cute and take the name. By the way, the Twitter name is Imjustsayin___. The “_” is in place of the “.” in the blog’s actual name (which is why there are 3 “_” in the Twitter name.

Remember to send in your submissions for the I’m just sayin… Top ___ Movies of All-Time.

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions Results

High School
James Island vs. Ashley Ridge – I picked JI and I was WRONG! JI lost, 14-31.

Summerville vs. Stratford – I picked Summerville and I was RIGHT! Summerville won, 14-10.

Dorman at Riverside – I picked Dorman and I was RIGHT! Dorman won, 42-0.

#12USC vs. Vanderbilt – I picked USC to win this game and I was RIGHT! The Revolutionary War Heroes won, 21-3.

#21Clemson vs. #11FSU – I picked Clemson in this game and I was RIGHT! The Tigers won, 35-30.

CSU vs. Norfolk State – I picked CSU in this game and I was WRONG! The Bucs lost, 3-33.

Wyoming vs. Nebraska – I picked Nebraska and I was RIGHT! Wyoming lost, 14-38.

Appalachian State vs. Chattanooga – I picked Appalachian State to win and I was RIGHT! App State won, 14-12.

Oops! Looks like I forgot to pick the Navy game this week.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - 8:20pm (NBC) – I picked the Steelers to win this game and I was RIGHT! The Steelers won, 23-20.

Miami at Cleveland – 1:00pm (CBS) – I picked Cleveland to win this game and I was RIGHT! Miami lost, 16-17.

I’m just sayin… Football Prediction Record

High School: 19-1

College: 20-2

NFL: 3-3

Overall: 42-6

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Major Horace Carswell, Jr. (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on October 26, 1944 over the South China Sea. His citation reads:

He piloted a B-24 bomber in a one-plane strike against a Japanese convoy in the South China Sea on the night of 26 October 1944. Taking the enemy force of 12 ships escorted by at least 2 destroyers by surprise, he made 1 bombing run at 600 feet, scoring a near miss on 1 warship and escaping without drawing fire. He circled. and fully realizing that the convoy was thoroughly alerted and would meet his next attack with a barrage of antiaircraft fire, began a second low-level run which culminated in 2 direct hits on a large tanker. A hail of steel from Japanese guns, riddled the bomber, knocking out 2 engines, damaging a third, crippling the hydraulic system, puncturing 1 gasoline tank, ripping uncounted holes in the aircraft, and wounding the copilot; but by magnificent display of flying skill, Maj. Carswell controlled the plane's plunge toward the sea and carefully forced it into a halting climb in the direction of the China shore. On reaching land, where it would have been possible to abandon the staggering bomber, one of the crew discovered that his parachute had been ripped by flak and rendered useless; the pilot, hoping to cross mountainous terrain and reach a base. continued onward until the third engine failed. He ordered the crew to bail out while he struggled to maintain altitude. and, refusing to save himself, chose to remain with his comrade and attempt a crash landing. He died when the airplane struck a mountainside and burned. With consummate gallantry and intrepidity, Maj. Carswell gave his life in a supreme effort to save all members of his crew. His sacrifice. far beyond that required of him, was in keeping with the traditional bravery of America's war heroes.

Private Jacob Cart (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, Virginia. His citation reads:

Capture of flag of 19th Georgia Infantry (C.S.A.), wresting it from the hands of the color bearer.

Private First Class Bruce W. Carter (US Marine Corps) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on August 7, 1969 in Quang Tri Province, Republic of Vietnam. His citation reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as grenadier with Company H in connection with combat operations against the enemy. Pfc. Carter's unit was maneuvering against the enemy during Operation Idaho Canyon and came under a heavy volume of fire from a numerically superior hostile force. The lead element soon became separated from the main body of the squad by a brush fire. Pfc. Carter and his fellow marines were pinned down by vicious crossfire when, with complete disregard for his safety, he stood in full view of the North Vietnamese Army soldiers to deliver a devastating volume of fire at their positions. The accuracy and aggressiveness of his attack caused several enemy casualties and forced the remainder of the soldiers to retreat from the immediate area. Shouting directions to the marines around him, Pfc. Carter then commenced leading them from the path of the rapidly approaching brush fire when he observed a hostile grenade land between him and his companions. Fully aware of the probable consequences of his action but determined to protect the men following him, he unhesitatingly threw himself over the grenade, absorbing the full effects of its detonation with his body. Pfc. Carter's indomitable courage, inspiring initiative, and selfless devotion to duty upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! No, The Wife isn’t pregnant…

Watch out... Our Life is catching up to I'm just sayin...

I promised you this season of I’m just sayin… would bring you more big news and here it is (the first I'm just sayin... exclusive of the season). No, The Wife isn’t pregnant… However, we have received confirmation that my friends over at Our Life are expecting another baby (their third). When reached at his soon-to-be-not-as-spacious-as-it-once-was downtown Summerville estate, patriarch of the family KC was quoted as saying, “We’re just trying to keep up with the Horreseses”. Once again the power of a Hootie and the Blowfish concert should be pointed out. This is baby #2 for Babypoloza 2011. As you know, The Wife and I hold the “You Do Know Where Babies Come From, Don’t You?” Title (which we took from KC and LA) due to Susie and Daniel being so close in age. As this is now the third baby in under four years for our friends at Our Life, I think we will create the, “Try Going To A Movie Every Now and Then” Title for them to hold. I will go ahead and predict Baby #4 for Our Life will join us in mid to late 2013.

I, of course, have known this news for a long time now but was asked not to say anything. Unlike some of my colleagues in the news industry, I know how to keep a secret. So I am happy to say that when I was asked by someone if LA is pregnant, I evaded the question in such a way that would make even the most seasoned politician proud.

This reminds me, thank you to my friends at Courtyard and Word for meeting me for lunch on Wednesday. I had been told that my friends Danny and KC would also be there… but they did not make it. KC had a legit excuse… the phone system at his office went down. Where I work, that would mean everyone can go home… but when your business is all about communication… having a working phone system is the first step in making a good impression to your customers. So I wasn’t happy, but I understood. As for Danny… oh Danny… I can only guess that Danny either walked to work on Wednesday or he just didn’t know how to get to where we were eating. Sure, he’s been there before… but I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Before I forget (pun intended), I want to thank my friends at Courtyard for their donation to my memory walk. Sure, she donated out of fear… but I’m ok with that. You, too, can join me in my fight against Alzheimer’s. I would like to raise $1,000 without having to send out any emails, so hurry up and give. If you wait to donate until I email you, I must ask that you give double. It’s only fair. Give here.  Thanks to Jane and KC for not only giving but also helping me get the word out to others.

I am happy because the new season of NCIS started this past Tuesday. It started with a great episode and I can’t wait for next week’s show.

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions

High School
James Island vs. Ashley Ridge – I’m picking JI in this game.

Summerville vs. Stratford – With this game being at Summerville, I’m going with the Green Wave.

Dorman at Riverside – Maybe Dorman has things figured out... This will probably come back to bite me, but I’m going with Dorman in this game.

#12USC vs. Vanderbilt – 7:00pm (ESPN2) – I’m a little worried about this game, but I’m going to go with the Revolutionary War Heroes in this game.

#21Clemson vs. #11FSU – 3:30pm (ESPN) – FSU got beat up pretty bad last week in a close loss… so I’m going to pick the Tigers in this game.

CSU vs. Norfolk State – 1:30pm – I’m going to pick CSU to win this game.

Wyoming vs. Nebraska – 5:30pm MT (Versus HD) – Sorry Cowboys… I’ve got to go with Nebraska in this game.

Appalachian State vs. Chattanooga – 3:30pm – I think this will be a close game… I pick Appalachian State to win.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - 8:20pm (NBC) – I pick the Steelers to win this game.

Miami at Cleveland – 1:00pm (CBS) – I hate to pick Cleveland… but Miami hasn’t come through for me yet… so I’m picking Cleveland to win this game.

I’m just sayin… Football Prediction Record

High School: 17-0

College: 16-1

NFL: 1-3

Overall: 34-4

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private Thomas Carroll (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions from August to October 1868 in Arizona. His citation reads:

Bravery in scouts and actions against Indians.

Corporal Anthony J. Carson (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on April 15-19, 1900 at Catubig, Samar, Philippine Islands. His citation reads:

Assumed command of a detachment of the company which had survived an overwhelming attack of the enemy, and by his bravery and untiring efforts and the exercise of extraordinary good judgment in the handling of his men successfully withstood for 2 days the attacks of a large force of the enemy, thereby saving the lives of the survivors and protecting the wounded until relief came.

Musician William J. Carson (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on September 19, 1863 at Chickamauga, Georgia. His citation reads:

At a critical stage in the battle when the 14th Corps lines were wavering and in disorder he on his own initiative bugled "to the colors" amid the 18th U.S. Infantry who formed by him, and held the enemy. Within a few minutes he repeated his action amid the wavering 2d Ohio Infantry. This bugling deceived the enemy who believed reinforcements had arrived. Thus, they delayed their attack.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stories from Columbia

We at I’m just sayin… would like to start our post today by thanking our good friend KC from Our Life for his donation to our Memory Walk. We would also like to thank Mom and Dad, who gave a couple of weeks ago (but I don't think I mentioned them on here).  There are still others out there who have not given yet. You still have time. Give here

What a great Saturday! As luck would have it, my awesome friend Ashley and my friend Cory (husband of Ashley) were able to find an extra ticket so that Jeremy could go to the game with us. For those of you who thought The Wife would get the extra ticket, all I can say is… really? REALLY? Anyway, things were interesting from the beginning (and by “the beginning”, I mean Friday) when I sent Cory an email saying I didn’t mind meeting him at his house… I just needed to know when he wanted to leave. He tells me not to worry about it, we’d just meet in Summerville. Now, I know Summerville ain’t New York City… but it is big enough that I needed a little more info than that. Still, I didn’t want to push my luck, so I didn’t say anything. Later Friday is when Jeremy and Ashley were added to the traveling party. This made me happy for two reasons. 1- With Ashley going I was 99% sure Cory wouldn’t leave me in Columbia. 2- Given the choice, I prefer to have Jeremy with me at a sporting event. He either knows the answers to all of my questions, or he doesn’t mind looking up the answers. Plus it felt good having another Navy fan with me. And Jeremy has known me long enough that he is able to predict what I’m going to forget and he’s nice enough to cover me. He texted me Friday to see if I wanted him to pick up beer for the game. Now, I had planned on getting it Saturday morning… but there’s at least a 50/50 chance I’d have forgotten. I also had a chair to take with me for the tailgate… but I left it in my den. No problem… Jeremy brought an extra one. Last but not least, I knew Cory likes Jeremy more than he likes me… so with Jeremy going I felt like my odds went up that Cory wouldn’t leave me in Summerville. Turns out I was right about that. Late Friday night I noticed I still hadn’t heard anything from Cory about when and where we were going to meet. I then get a text from Jeremy saying that the plan was to meet in the Target parking lot “a little before 11”. Note that Cory was not the one to text me. It seems my phone is so smart, it won’t take his texts or calls.

Anyway, Saturday started with me leaving my house a little after 10:00 to go to the Target parking lot. I got there sometime around 10:20 and waited. Why did I get there so early? Because I wasn’t sure if “a little before 11” was Cory’s way of trying to leave me in Summerville. I was the first one there… probably making it the first time I beat Jeremy somewhere, which was nice. We went up to Columbia and met Cory and Ashley’s friends at some restaurant/bar type place where we watched the early part of the Clemson game while we ate. The food was good and the people there were in a good mood (since Clemson wasn’t doing too good at that point). After eating, we went and parked Cory’s truck about a 10 minute walk from the stadium and then got in his friend’s truck to drive to their parking space… right by the stadium. That’s what I’m talking about. As Cory said, “Only the best for you, Greg”. Actually, I don’t think he said that… but I’m pretty sure he was thinking it. We then tailgated until game time. This was not my first game at USC, but it was the first one that I was at as a “fan” (the other time I was part of the working media… sure, I wasn’t working or even part of the media… but that’s not important). Color me impressed. I’m sure it’s different if you’re a Clemson fan or fan of some other SEC school on the day USC is playing your team… but, as Cory said, you can’t really talk trash to Navy. I thought overall the fans were good. Sure, there were some idiots but the law of averages says that if you get a group of about 80,000 people together then you’ll have some idiots there. I won’t talk about the game… if you want to know about the game, read the internet. Or call ESPN2 and ask for the tape.

Oh… before I forget… A word about the coeds at USC. In a word: Wow. In two words: Wow Wow. I’m not so much talking about looks… some looked great, some good, some not so good, and some made the rest look better than they probably really do. That’s not the point. I’m talking about what they were wearing. I would say you could breakdown the chosen wardrobe for USC coeds as this: short, short, short, short (what’s the point of even wearing it, it’s so short) black skirts or tight, tight, tight, tight (holly cow can blood flow to your feet tight) black pants and boots. To be fair, their tops seemed to be conservative. But WOW… how bad was it? At one point I asked Cory if I should give one of the girls a dollar. All I can say is I hope there is a huge change in fashion before my girls go to college. I don’t think I’ve been to a Clemson game in some time… maybe it’s time for me to make another trip up to Tiger Town to see if coeds dress like this on game day everywhere or just at USC.

Here are a few pics from my trip to Columbia:

Looks like my friend Danny made it to the game after all...

This was were we tailgated... I could get used to this. 

The view from our seats.

That white spot you see was my back-up if a fight started.  (Oh, pay no attention to the empty seats, they filled up by game time).


An alert reader (Jeremy) passed on some info regarding a billboard some Texas A&M people have in Waco, Texas (home of Baylor… the school trying to keep A&M from going to the SEC). A quick Google search later and here’s a pic of the billboard for your viewing pleasure:

So did you see the ACC is expanding? Looks like Pitt and Syracuse are going to join. I’m not really happy about it. I don’t like the whole “super conference” stuff to begin with. And it’s not like I go to Clemson away games, but if I did I wouldn’t look forward to the trip to Syracuse. Having said that, if any of my Tiger friends make the trip the first time Clemson plays at Pitt… let me know. I’d be interested in going to that game. Pittsburgh is a nice place (at least it was the only time I’ve been there). It’s a GREAT NFL city… not sure how it is with college football… but overall it’s a great place to visit. It has been said that this was a “basketball” move. If the ACC is making moves based on basketball (which wouldn’t surprise me) then I can only assume that Winthrop is high on the list of teams to join as the 15th or 16th member of the ACC. WU would fit academically (and basketball wise… and heck, most years football wise too). You heard it here first. As it stands now, I think the conference will have two divisions: The Atlantic Coast Division and the Big East Division.

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions Results

High School
James Island at Wando – I picked Wando and I was RIGHT! James Island lost, 7-14.

Summerville at Fort Dorchester – I picked Summerville and I was RIGHT! Summerville won, 17-3.

Ashley Ridge at West Ashley – I picked Ashley Ridge and I was RIGHT! Ashley Ridge won, 17-14.

Dorman vs. Hanna – I picked Dorman to win and I was RIGHT! Dorman won, 45-0.

#11USC vs. Navy – I picked the Revolutionary War Heroes to win this game and I was RIGHT! USC won, 24-21.

Clemson vs. Auburn – I picked the Clemson Tigers to win this one and I was RIGHT! Clemson won, 38-24.

CSU at Jacksonville – I picked Jacksonville to win this game and I was RIGHT! The Bucs lost, 30-37.

Wyoming at Bowling Green – I picked Wyoming to win this game and I was RIGHT! Wyoming won, 28-27.

Appalachian State vs. Savannah State – I picked Appalachian State to win this game and I was RIGHT! App State won, 41-6.

Pittsburgh vs. Seattle – I picked the Steelers to win this game and I was RIGHT! Pittsburgh won, 24-0.

Miami vs. Houston – For some stupid reason I picked Miami to win this game… and I was WRONG (stupid Miami). Miami lost, 13-23.

I’m just sayin… Football Prediction Record

High School: 17-0

College: 16-1

NFL: 1-3

Overall: 34-4

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private John Carr (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on October 29, 1869 at Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

Master-at-Arms William M. Carr (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on August 5, 1864 on board the USS Richmond. His citation reads:

On board the U.S.S. Richmond during action against rebel forts and gunboats and with the ram Tennessee in Mobile Bay, 5 August 1864. Despite damage to his ship and the loss of several men on board as enemy fire raked her decks, Carr performed his duties with skill and courage throughout the prolonged battle which resulted in the surrender of the rebel ram Tennessee and in the successful attacks carried out on Fort Morgan.

Private William Louis Carr (US Marine Corps) received his Medal of Honor for his actions from July 21 – August 17, 1900 at Peking, China. His citation reads:

In action at Peking, China, 21 July to 17 August 1900. Throughout this action and in the presence of the enemy, Carr distinguished himself by his conduct.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY I’m just sayin…!!!!!!!

We at I’m just sayin… would like to wish all of our readers a very Happy 2nd Anniversary! We have had another great year and we look forward to having an even better 3rd year. Before we get to our Anniversary stuff, we’d like to remind you that if you ain’t givin’, you ain’t livin. At least that’s what they say. Ok, they don’t say that (and if they start saying it, they better give me credit). But really, it seems I only said “please” enough times in my last post to get my Aunt Yvonne to donate. I would think with both of the big college football teams 3-0, some of you would like to keep all the good “mojo” you have… and one way to keep that mojo would be to donate to a great cause. So be a good sport and click on the link on the right or on any of the words I just typed.

Over this past year we covered a good many topics. I would say most, if not all, of them involved me in some way. Hey, it’s my blog… get off my back. We’ve managed to hang on to our Medal of Honor segment, making it the longest running segment on any blog that I read. Now let’s look at some stats for the blog.

First Post Ever

1st Post – September 17, 2009
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First Post of the Past Season

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And the winner will be….

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Most Read Posts (Top 5) – All-Time

1. Baby Names, USC/Clemson (100)

2. Songs 206 - 172 (80)

3. The I’m just sayin… All-Time Clemson Football Team (75)

4. HAPPY Birthday Casey!!! (70)

5. Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!! RIP Mr. Williams (69)

These are also the Top 5 for our past season.

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Top 10 Pageviews By Country
Again, I can only assume some of you have been traveling more than you have told me...

United States (6,777) – up from 1,239 last season.

Russia (530) – up from 5 last season… I guess my cousin Scott called some people over there to get the word out about I’m just sayin…. Russia had the biggest jump in the poll from 9th place to 2nd place.

Denmark (516) – up from 31 last season. Good job Denmark! Keep visiting!

United Kingdom (221) – up from 11. I’m sure this was the Royal Family reading to see if I would talk about The Wedding.

Canada (179) – up from 36. Good job, eh!

Germany (134) – Germany didn’t even make the list last season.

Slovenia (115) – Slovenia also making their first visit to the Top 10.

Singapore (63) – Another new member of the Top 10.

Netherlands (42) – up from 5 last season.

China (34) – up from 12 last season.

I’m still trying to break-in to South America, Africa, and Australia! I think I could be a pretty big deal in those places. I also don’t seem to have any readers in France… which is probably a good thing.

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The I’m just sayin… Top 1,081 Songs of All Time

Baby #3 Name Tournament

Chase Towne Update

The I’m just sayin… Football Predictions

Top 5 Nicknames on I’m just sayin…

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One new thing we’re going to do this season is have a countdown of the top movies of all time. I probably won’t get to this until sometime in early 2012. Look for March to be “Movie March” on I’m just sayin…. If you have ideas for movies that you’d like to see on the list, feel free to email them to me. The more you donate to the memory walk, the better chance your favorite movie will end up on the list. :) I might be kidding about that… or I might not. Even I’m not sure right now. So email me your movie ideas. If you don’t have my email address, ask a friend for it. If your friend doesn’t know it… then I guess you won’t be able to email me, so just leave the idea in a comment.

Check back Tuesday or Wednesday to see my recap from the weekend…

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant Chris Carr (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on October 1-2, 1944 near Guignola, Italy. His citation reads:

Leading a squad of Company L, he gallantly cleared the way for his company's approach along a ridge toward its objective, the Casoni di Remagna. When his platoon was pinned down by heavy fire from enemy mortars, machineguns, machine pistols, and rifles, he climbed in advance of his squad on a maneuver around the left flank to locate and eliminate the enemy gun positions. Undeterred by deadly fire that ricocheted off the barren rocky hillside, he crept to the rear of the first machinegun and charged, firing his submachinegun. In this surprise attack he captured 8 prisoners and turned them over to his squad before striking out alone for a second machinegun. Discovered in his advance and subjected to direct fire from the hostile weapon, he leaped to his feet and ran forward, weaving and crouching, pouring automatic fire into the emplacement that killed 4 of its defenders and forced the surrender of a lone survivor. He again moved forward through heavy fire to attack a third machinegun. When close to the emplacement, he closed with a nerve-shattering shout and burst of fire. Paralyzed by his whirlwind attack, all 4 gunners immediately surrendered. Once more advancing aggressively in the face of a thoroughly alerted enemy, he approached a point of high ground occupied by 2 machineguns which were firing on his company on the slope below. Charging the first of these weapons, he killed 4 of the crew and captured 3 more. The 6 defenders of the adjacent position, cowed by the savagery of his assault, immediately gave up. By his l-man attack, heroically and voluntarily undertaken in the face of tremendous risks, Sgt. Karaberis captured 5 enemy machinegun positions, killed 8 Germans, took 22 prisoners, cleared the ridge leading to his company's objective, and drove a deep wedge into the enemy line, making it possible for his battalion to occupy important, commanding ground.

Colonel Eugene A. Carr (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on March 7, 1862 at Pea Ridge, Arkansas. His citation reads:

Directed the deployment of his command and held his ground, under a brisk fire of shot and shell in which he was several times wounded.

Corporal Franklin Carr (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on December 16, 1864 at Nashville, Tennessee. His citation reads:

Recapture of U.S. guidon from a rebel battery.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Football Thursday!

Don’t forget I’m raising money for the Memory Walk that will take place sometime in October (I’m not sure I know the date… but I can look it up if you want me to). Please donate. Please, please, please, please, please donate. If all you can give is $1,000… then give $1,000. If all you can give is $100… then give $100. If all you can give is $10… then give $10. If all you can give is $1… then lay off the coffee for a week so you can at least give $10. I’m just sayin… But really, every little bit helps (of course, every big bit helps more). Feel free to tell your friends and family to give, too. My goal is $1,000… but my real goal is to blow past that mark like we did last year. Right now I am ranked 5th in the area in donations, which is nice if you don’t mind losing to 4 other people. I do mind. Plus we are now getting to the point where money starts coming in, so if we stop donating now someone will soon pass me and knock me out of the Top 5. I know some of you reading this have donated in the past but have yet to donate this year. I also know some of you reading this have not donated in the past… and, well, still haven’t donated this year. Let me assure you that I know where you live and I know where you work and I’m not afraid to use this information to help me raise money for a good cause. I don’t want it to come to that… so give early and give often. You can donate here or you can click on the link that’s over on the side of the blog. Thank you. Your donation will not go unnoticed and you will be rewarded with at least one shout-out on this blog.

Due to some scheduling conflicts, we are going to look today at the results from my picks last week and also at my picks for this week. Before we do that, however, I would like to take a minute to tell you how AWESOME my friend Ashley is. First, when she found out where I banked, she immediately got a job there. As they say, “If it’s good enough for Greg to bank there, it’s good enough for me to work there”. Ok, I don’t know if they say that… but they should. Ashley is also awesome because she inspired our Sunday School class to do the unthinkable and win the talent trophy a few weeks ago in a church wide contest. Another reason (perhaps the biggest reason) Ashley is awesome is the fact that she hooking me up with her ticket for the big Navy game this weekend. As you know, the Midshipmen are traveling down to Columbia to face the Revolutionary War Heroes of South Carolina in what is sure to be the game of the weekend. She did this despite the fact that her husband would rather perform a certain “procedure” on himself than spend a Saturday with me… but I’m sure I can win him over by the end of the day. This will be a unique game in that I will have to simply cheer for good football. Deep down I will be pulling for Navy… but I’m not about to show it. Why? Because last I checked (and trust me, I checked), Ashley’s seats are not in the visitor’s section. And since I will not be with a group of Navy fans, I have no desire to risk some drunk guy taking offense to my cheering for Navy. I did ask Husband of Ashley if he would back me up if something went down. He politely told me the truth (No. Actually, he said “Hell no”). Honestly, I can’t blame him… he has to sit in those seats all season and the last thing he needs is to piss off the people who will be sitting around him. So if Navy is winning and you see me on TV and I’m not smiling, just know that I really am smiling. And if you see me on TV smiling even though Navy is getting crushed, just know that I’m thinking about the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (HOT NOW!) I plan on eating after the game. Word on the street is it’s a tradition like no other. So thank you to Ashley for hooking me up with a ticket and thank you to Husband of Ashley for hooking me up with a ride to the game (and hopefully home as well).

Below is a video of my new favorite commercial.

Ok, I just saw this joke on the comments section after some article in the newspaper (online). It goes: Did you know that Union people built the pyramids? It was originally designed as a cube. Each shift did a little less till the last said “Just throw a rock on top and let’s go home”. HA!

Back to football… I’m sure you’ve already seen this next video but I’m going to post it anyway. It’s of the Coastal Carolina football coach and it made me proud to be a Winthrop Eagle.

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions Results

High School
James Island vs Colleton County – I picked JI and I was RIGHT! JI won 28-10. Way to go Trojans!

Summerville vs Goose Creek – I picked Goose Creek and I was RIGHT! Summerville lost 7-19. Oh, Chuck Reedy might very well be my new hero.  ;)

Ashley Ridge vs. Stratford – I picked Stratford to win this game and I was RIGHT! Ashley Ridge lost 24-31.

Dorman at Greenwood – I picked Greenwood to win this game and I was RIGHT! Dorman lost 16-28.

#12 USC at Georgia – I picked USC to win and I was RIGHT! The Revolutionary War Heroes won 45-42.

Clemson vs. Wofford – I picked Clemson to win this one and I was RIGHT! The Tigers won 35-27.

Navy at Western Kentucky – I picked Navy and I was RIGHT! Navy won 40-14.

CSU at FSU – I picked FSU to win and I was RIGHT! Charleston Southern lost 10-62.

Wyoming vs. Texas State – I picked Wyoming to win this game and I was RIGHT! The Cowboys won 45-10.

Appalachian State vs. North Carolina A&T – I picked Appalachian State to win and I was RIGHT! The Mountaineers won 58-6.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – I picked the Steelers to win this one and boy was I WRONG. The Steelers lost 7-35.

Miami vs. New England – I picked Miami to win and I was WRONG. The Dolphins choked this game away 24-38.

I’m just sayin… Football Prediction Record

High School: 13-0

College: 11-1

NFL: 0-2

Overall: 24-3

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions

High School
James Island at Wando – I want to pick JI to win this one, but I’ll go with Wando since it’s at their place.

Summerville at Fort Dorchester – I think Summerville will win this one.

Ashley Ridge at West Ashley – I’m picking Ashley Ridge to win this one.

Dorman vs. Hanna – This could very well be the last time I pick Dorman to win a game this season. To be clear, I’m picking Dorman to win.

#11 USC vs. Navy – 6:00pm (ESPN2) – I honestly don’t feel good about my two main college picks this week. I really think Navy could win this game. Carolina hasn’t really impressed me… yet they’ve won enough games to be 2-0. I won’t be shocked if Navy wins… but when in doubt, I usually go with the home team. Therefore, I am picking the Revolutionary War Heroes to win this game. If Navy wins, I might need someone to come pick me up because Husband of Ashley might be mad enough to leave me in Columbia.

Clemson vs. Auburn – 12:00pm (ABC) – This is the other game I don’t have a good feel for. I don’t think either team has been impressive so far this season but both are undefeated. Like I said before, when in doubt, I usually go with the home team. So, I’m picking the (Clemson) Tigers to win this one.

CSU at Jacksonville – 1:00pm – I’m picking Jacksonville to win this game.

Wyoming at Bowling Green – 10:00am MT – I’m picking Wyoming to win this game.

Appalachian State vs. Savannah State – 6:00pm – Appalachian State will win this game.

Pittsburgh vs. Seattle – 1:00pm (FOX) – I’m giving the Steelers another chance. I’m picking Pittsburgh to win this game.

Miami vs. Houston – 4:15pm (CBS) – I don’t know why, but I’m picking Miami to win this game.

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant William H. Carney (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 18, 1863 at Fort Wagner, South Carolina. His citation reads:

When the color sergeant was shot down, this soldier grasped the flag, led the way to the parapet, and planted the colors thereon. When the troops fell back he brought off the flag, under a fierce fire in which he was twice severely wounded.

Hospital Corpsman Third Class Wayne Maurice Caron (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 28, 1968 in Quang Nam Province, Republic of Vietnam. His citation reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as platoon corpsman with Company K, during combat operations against enemy forces. While on a sweep through an open rice field HC3c. Caron's unit started receiving enemy small arms fire. Upon seeing 2 marine casualties fall, he immediately ran forward to render first aid, but found that they were dead. At this time, the platoon was taken under intense small-arms and automatic weapons fire, sustaining additional casualties. As he moved to the aid of his wounded comrades, HC3c. Caron was hit in the arm by enemy fire. Although knocked to the ground, he regained his feet and continued to the injured marines. He rendered medical assistance to the first marine he reached, who was grievously wounded, and undoubtedly was instrumental in saving the man's life. HC3c. Caron then ran toward the second wounded marine, but was again hit by enemy fire, this time in the leg. Nonetheless, he crawled the remaining distance and provided medical aid for this severely wounded man. HC3c. Caron started to make his way to yet another injured comrade, when he was again struck by enemy small-arms fire. Courageously and with unbelievable determination, HC3c. Caron continued his attempt to reach the third marine until he was killed by an enemy rocket round. His inspiring valor, steadfast determination and selfless dedication in the face of extreme danger, sustain and enhance the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.

Captain Louis H. Carpenter (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions during September – October 1868 during the Indian campaigns in Kansas and Colorado. His citation reads:

Was gallant and meritorious throughout the campaigns, especially in the combat of October 15 and in the forced march on September 23, 24 and 25 to the relief of Forsyth's Scouts, who were known to be in danger of annihilation by largely superior forces of Indians.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I know this is a day late, but I didn’t have time to post it yesterday after singing to her twice… so I’ll post it now: HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY ANSLEY!!! As I’m sure you remember, Ansley is No-Name Teri’s middle daughter).

Happy (late) Birthday Ansley! We love you!

I also want to take a minute to thank Janie and DG for donating to my Memory Walk. You still have time to give! Click on the link to the side. Please give!

Not sure if you noticed or not, but yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the terrorists attack on the US. I don’t know about you, but I can’t take my eyes off the History Channel on September 11. I didn’t even watch football yesterday… I couldn’t take my eyes off the videos of what happened that day… even though I remember it like it was yesterday (has it really been 10 years?). I know I’ve talked about my memories of that day on here before, but I’ll post them again. I was about a month into my second senior year at Winthrop University, living in an apartment at Mallard Point with Jeremy and Thomas. I got up and headed to my Tuesday morning class, just like always. Back then, I would usually listen to John Boy & Billy on the radio as I headed to class but on this day I was listening to a Bon Jovi CD (on one of those portable CD players that you had to connect to the car via a cassette tape that had a wire running from it to the CD player). I got to my class (a Business Writing class) and sat down. A couple minutes later a guy in our class walks in and says that he heard that two planes collided in New York City around the World Trade Center. It seemed, at the time, like it was two small planes... and while it was sad to hear, it wasn’t earth shattering news. After class I was walking out to meet/hangout with The Girlfriend. I had a break between my first class and my afternoon class (with The Girlfriend) so I liked to have lunch with her on those days. Rumors were starting to pick up about what was going on, so we headed back to her place for lunch (which I don’t think we ever ate that day) and to watch the news. We sat and watched as smoke poured out of the windows of the towers. By then, I believe, one of the towers had already fallen. As we were watching the news live, the second tower came down. At first, I thought maybe they were showing a replay of the first one... but then I realized it was the second one. I must admit to being a bit na├»ve that day because I was thinking at the time well surely everyone had evacuated from the building by then. Have you ever tried walking down 80 flights of stairs (or even 30 flights, for that matter)? Me either. It did hit, pretty quick, that even if everyone else had gotten out... there were still all the firefighters/policemen/EMS people who had been running in. I remember we sat there kind of stunned just watching TV. I remember having this numb feeling for a while (days/weeks?) after that and just wanting to sit and watch the news. We finally had to get up and go to our afternoon class because Winthrop (at least back then) wouldn’t cancel a class for anything. I remember just going through the motions in my afternoon classes... waiting for a chance to get back in front of the TV to watch the news. Back then I was working as a Manager Trainee at Rack Room Shoes in Carolina Place Mall (in Pineville, NC). I was scheduled to work that night, but I got a call from Peggy (my boss) telling me not to worry about coming in. She said she was pretty sure they were going to close the mall early, but even if they didn’t, nobody was there. Because of my class schedule, I worked almost every night and most of the time on the weekends... so this gave me a rare night off to spend with The Girlfriend. We went to Ryan’s for dinner. Her dad called me on my cell phone because he hadn’t been able to reach her. I remember sitting there thinking, "Hey, today is Ansley's first birthday... I've got to give her a call". I remember this was perhaps the longest period of time in my life when I just didn’t feel like laughing. I remember walking around campus and noticing how quiet it was. Winthrop is close enough to Charlotte that there are almost always planes in the sky... but not that day. Even the roads were light... it seemed everyone was staying home watching TV. I think the mall was closed for a couple of days (though I could be mistaken). I do remember going back to work and the place being like a ghost town for the first week or two. I mean, there was NOBODY in the mall. NOBODY. Nobody shopping. Nobody “just looking”. Nobody out walking around. Even the shoplifters were staying home. It was very strange. I remember me, Peggy, and Maureen (my friend from Long Island who was a part-time worker at our store, who has since passed away) would just stand there and talk. Every now and then we’d walk around the store and clean/straighten up... but with no customers there wasn’t much to clean. I do remember standing in the back corner of the store straightening up some shoe boxes when I heard Leaving on a Jet Plane (Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again) being played and thinking, “Hmmm.... I don’t think this is the best time to be playing a song like this”. As time went on, things started to get back to “normal”. We had work and classes and The Girlfriend was busy planning “our” wedding. At some point I started laughing again. Before long sports picked back up and the little things that we learned weren’t really all that important started to become important again. Next thing you know, one... two... nine… ten years have gone by and here we are. Since then, I’ve lost two grandmothers and gained two daughters, one son and one Godson. I’m sure this event hit some people harder than it did me. Some for obvious reasons, some maybe not. I think the History Channel does a great job talking about this day each year. Some of the programs have “home video” type footage that really gives a great perspective on how things were that day. Some of it is hard to watch. Most of it will probably bring tears to your eyes (it did mine), but all of it is worth watching. This year (I don’t remember seeing it before) they had a show about voicemails that had been left from people trapped in the buildings (or on the planes) that family members have saved on CDs and MP3 players. Some of that was hard to listen to, but it also gave you a better idea of what was going on inside the buildings/planes while all of this was going on. It is a little hard to not sit and shout at the TV during all of this… like when you hear the voicemail from the person saying that they are ok and that they are being told to stay in the building and everything will be ok. It’s hard not to shout “NO! Get out! Get out NOW!” That’s hard. It’s hard not to yell to the people in the Pentagon to clear out before the plane hits there. As sad as it is seeing/hearing about the plane going down in PA… I can’t help but smile knowing the terrorists on that plane failed because some passengers said they weren’t going down without a fight. I like hearing about people who helped other people on their way out of the twin towers. I would like to think I’d do that… but I don’t know for sure that I would. The Wife doesn’t really like that they show this stuff every year. It makes her cry. I don’t exactly like it, in that I don’t enjoy watching people die… but I do like that they show it each year. I like it because each year there’s a new group of kids who don’t know anything about what happened that day. Each year there’s a new group of people who should be educated about what went on.

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private Casper R. Carlisle (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His citation reads:

Saved a gun of his battery under heavy musketry fire, most of the horses being killed and the drivers wounded.

Private Warren Carman (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on March 2, 1865 at Waynesboro, Virginia. His citation reads:

Capture of flag and several prisoners.

Corporal Isaac H. Carmin (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on May 22, 1863 at Vicksburg, Mississippi. His citation reads:

Saved his regimental flag; also seized and threw a shell, with burning fuse, from among his comrades.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Congrats... and Football

We at I’m just sayin… would like to send a big Congrats to our friends over at Our Life for correctly predicting that our friends over at Courtyard would be adding one more to their family in the near future. Oh, congrats also to Jenn and Clark.  I guess this explains why she hasn’t been posting too much on her blog these past few months… she’s been busy.  The staff at I’m just sayin… has set up an exclusive interview with the future parents of two (and future big brother, Jacob) for Friday night. I will try to give a detailed report on Monday.

I don’t want to keep harping on this uniform stuff, but my goodness the Georgia helmets were just plain ugly. And word is after seeing the Maryland uniforms, government officials up there are looking at changing their state flag. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m picking on UGA here… but I expected better from them. Maryland… eh… whatever. But Georgia… come on, you’re freakin’ GEORGIA. Like I told Sonny, seeing those helmets probably sent Vince Dooley to his grave just so he could roll over in it. This leads me to Clemson and USC. According to Wikipedia, USC has 3 different tops and 3 different pants (garnet, white, black). Their helmet is white. Their main home uniform is all garnet and their main road uniform is a white top with black pants. For my money, I’d have a black helmet (I think they’ve had this in the past). That’s the only change I’d make with their main uniform. Wikipedia says their alternate uniform is a black top with white pants. I think I’d go all-black for special games. Those all black uniforms for a big night game in Columbia is a cool thing to see (I know, because I’ve seen it). As for Clemson, a lot of people don’t like the purple. I don’t mind it… it is a school color after all. Having said that, there is never (NEVER!) a reason to wear all purple. Ever. The Tigers have changed so much since 1999 that I’m not sure what they feel are their “main” uniforms. They have orange helmets (perfect) with three different tops and three different britches (orange, white, purple) I will tell you what they should wear, though. The default home uniform should be orange tops with white britches. The default road uniform should be white tops with white britches. Orange britches should only be worn for the biggest of games each season. I would have an unofficial limit of one game each year (maybe two if they end up playing for the ACC Championship and/or National Championship). Really, I think you could do away with the purple tops. I’d go orange tops with purple britches maybe one game a season just for the heck of it. I think if USC and Clemson would stick to these guidelines, they won’t end up like our friends in Athens who made the worst uniform mistake ever.

Word on the street is that there was booing in Death Valley at halftime this past Saturday. This might come as a shock to some people, but I’m not a fan of booing. I never have been. Sure, I booed along with Sonny when Barry Bonds came up to bat against the Braves back in the day… but that was all in good fun… and it was Barry Bonds who was a grown man making enough money to get booed. Look, I’m not saying people aren’t allowed to boo. They are. I get it… you pay all this money and take time out of your day to go to a game and your team isn’t playing as well as you think they should so you boo. You paid the money, so you have the right to boo. Having the right don’t make it right. This is just how I look at it. I don’t think the people who boo are bad people… I just don’t agree with what they do. The only time I think you should boo at a game is when you are booing the ref/official/umpire. I don’t even boo them that much… but I will from time to time (and that’s probably the nicest thing they’ll hear from a fan during a game). There was a game (last season I think) when the refs made an awful call against Clemson and Dabo just went off on them (got mad enough to throw his gum down). I wasn’t at the game, but on the TV you could hear booing so loud that it almost drowned out the announcers. The Clemson defense made a great play on the next play causing the crowd to cheer real loud… only to go back to booing the refs right after the play. That was great.

The Wife took Mary Ruth to choir practice last night. Susie did not like being left behind. She cried… a lot. It wasn’t a little forced cry… it was a losing your mind screaming cry. She was in full blown crazy mode when… in the middle of all of the crying… Piglet started crying, causing Susie to stop crying and in a very clear voice say, “Daddy, Daniel crying!” She then went back to full blown crazy crying mode. I probably shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her.

Wish me luck Saturday. I will be playing golf with my brother-in-law Michael and I’m just sayin… friends Danny and Jeremy. We are playing in the Christian Golfers Association tournament on Seabrook Island. Our goal, as always, is to not come in last place. The bad news is we will not be playing captain’s choice. I don’t know what other teams in this tournament have… but I know what we have. If I were a betting man, I’d bet we’ll come in last. The good news is I’m sure we’ll have fun no matter where we end up.

I forgot to post this in my last post… My favorite football moment from the first weekend of college football came during the Baylor/TCU game. When announcing a false-start penalty on TCU, the ref said “False start, everyone but the Center”. Hmmm… everyone but the Center… guess which guy on offense forgot the snap count?

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions

High School
James Island vs Colleton County – I’m going with JI on this one.

Summerville vs Goose Creek – I’m not sure about this one. I usually go with Summerville, but for some reason I like Goose Creek in this game. I pick Goose Creek to win this one on the road.

Ashley Ridge vs. Stratford – I pick Stratford to win this game.

Dorman at Greenwood – I think Dorman will be worn out after having to travel to the middle of nowhere (Greenwood). I’m going to pick Greenwood to win this game.

Dorman at Spartanburg – I picked Spartanburg to win this one. I was wrong. I had no idea how much Farmers Day would get the Dorman team pumped up for this game. Good job by Dorman to get their first win of the season. My information on the outcome of the Dorman/Spartanburg game was wrong… it seems the game was just suspended with Dorman leading. Spartanburg ended up with the win which means I was right!

USC at Georgia – 4:30pm (ESPN) – I’m picking the Revolutionary War Heroes to win this one. Word on the street is the NCAA plans to give UGA the death penalty if they wear those helmets from last Saturday again.

Clemson vs. Wofford – 3:30pm (ESPN3) – I’m picking Clemson to win this one.

Navy at Western Kentucky – 7:00pm (ESPN3) – Navy will win this one.

CSU at FSU – 6:00pm (ESPN3) – Yes, it’s that FSU… and I’m picking that FSU to win.

Wyoming vs. Texas State – 4:00pm MT (The Mtn. HD) – I’m picking Wyoming to win this game.

Appalachian State vs. North Carolina A&T – 3:30pm – Appalachian State will rebound from their loss last Saturday to win this game.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – 1:00pm (CBS) – This should be a great game. I’m picking the Steelers to win this one.

Miami vs. New England – 7:00pm (ESPN) – This could be Miami’s year. I doubt it… but it could be. Without doing any research on this game, I’m going to pick the Dolphins to win it in honor of Jeremy and Sonny.

I’m just sayin… Football Prediction Record

High School: 9-0

College: 5-1

NFL: 0-0

Overall: 14-1

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant Hugh Carey (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His citation reads:

Captured the flag of the 7th Virginia Infantry (C.S.A.), being twice wounded in the effort.

Sergeant James L. Carey (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia. His citation reads:

Daring bravery and urging the men forward in a charge.

Seaman James Carey (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on board the USS Huron sometime between 1866 - 1870. His citation reads:

Seaman on board the U.S.S. Huron, saving 3 shipmates from drowning.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Recap...

Well Labor Day Weekend 2011 is in the books and I, for one, had a blast. The weekend started off great. We made the trip to the lake in under 4 hours (which included a 30 min. stop at the Georgia state line). I can make it there faster on my own, but to make the trip with The Wife and 3 kids and only make one stop is pretty good. Mom and Dad, (Name Withheld by Request) and Paul, and Janie and DG were already there when we got there. We unpacked and sat around talking to all of the G1s catching up and having a good time. This gave the G1s a chance to meet Daniel and re-meet Susie (she’s a lot different than she was 1 year ago). After waiting as long as we could for someone to offer us food (they didn’t) we decided to go meet No Name Teri and her girls at Zaxby’s on their way in. By the time we got back to the house, Sonny was there (along with his family). We sat and watched football (Baylor and TCU) and talked and had a good time. At some point, Chandler, Taylor and Bliss got to the house. You could tell it was love at first sight when Daniel saw Bliss. At one point, I found him trying to impress her by sitting up. This was quickly followed by him trying to impress her by lying on his side (while still in a sitting position). I’m not sure she was impressed, but she did politely smile at him. Sonny and I spent most of the night watching TV, drinking and playing the golf arcade game that they have there. We didn’t retire to our rooms until after 1:30am. I tell you this to explain what happened on Saturday.

Saturday is what is known as Golf Day. The annual Labor Day Golf Challenge took place this year at the Greene County Country Club. I will do my best to explain the GCCC to you. It was about $36/each to play (with cart). The course is conveniently located beside railroad tracks and an airport. There hadn’t been a lot of rain in that area in a while and this course wasn’t going to waste money on sprinklers. And you don’t need a tee time to play there. You just show up and play. I loved it. The people were real nice and we didn’t have to worry about people waiting for us. It was hot… but that was to be expected. The teams were me and Sonny against DG and Paul. I’m not going to point fingers here, but Sonny didn’t exactly carry his weight… which was not good because my plan was to have him not only carry his weight, but also carry my weight. I don’t remember the exact score, but I do remember we got beat pretty bad. I’m not making excuses here, but I feel I have to point out a few things:

1. Sonny and I were up past 1:30am the night before… and had been drinking a lot.

2. Sonny and I didn’t drink at all while golfing.

3. Our team had one guy playing right handed and one playing left handed. Paul and DG both played right handed.

4. They hit from the senior tees… the senior tees were about 100 yards (also known as 10 yards farther than my average drive) up from where we had to tee the ball.

5. The heat didn’t get to them like I thought it would. I was pretty sure they would whip us on the front 9, but I thought we’d get them on the back 9. I got the first part right.

6. DG and Paul really wanted to win. Sonny and I were just out there having fun.

Remember, these aren’t excuses… just reasons.

The losing team had to buy the winning team a six pack of beer (the winning team got to pick the beer). I ended up paying because when we got to the check-out, Sonny was nowhere to be found (maybe because he rode in a different car… or maybe because he’s cheap). So Sonny still owes me for half the beer.

The rest of Saturday was pretty fun. Sally and her children got there while we were playing golf. Will was not there and this disappointed me greatly. Jane and AJ had let me know in advance that they would not be able to make it, so I was emotionally and intellectually prepared for their absence. Will not being there caught me off guard. It seems he had to preach and couldn’t get away. I thought I had a great solution to this that I hope he will use next year: Start a new series on how we react when the unexpected happens. What do we do? Do we run? Do we turn to God? Do we step up to do what needs to be done or do we wait for others? The first sermon of this series should be the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. He should skip church that Sunday (do the unexpected). Then the following Sundays he could answer the previous listed questions. Everyone loved my idea… except The Wife. Jason and his family also got there while we were golfing (I think it was while and not before or after). Of note, Jason and Julie’s oldest boy Kenneth shot up like a weed. It seems he (almost over night) went from being a little boy who had book reading birthday parties to being a football player (though we at I’m just sayin… hope he’ll never lose his love of reading). This was also the first time we got to meet Kyler (Jason and Julie’s youngest boy). So by Saturday afternoon, everyone who was coming was there. Some people came to the house to cook for us that night. Instead of going out to eat, we had the out to eat come to us. We sat there and they served us and all that. It was fun. It gave us time to talk and hang out. One subject that came up was the fact that The Wife doesn’t like it when I talk to Sonny on the phone. She gets mad because I’ll talk to him for an hour. She gets all huffy and complains that I don’t talk to her that much. So I said that I would gladly only talk to her for 1 hour every couple of weeks if that’s what she wants. Everyone at the table laughed… except for The Wife. Sally and No Name Teri shared a story with us, but I don’t remember what it was. I just remember that it was awful and so sad and terrible and just so terribly sad and sadly awful. The reason I just remember that is because when people were asking them to share the story all they would say is how sad and awful it was. I, of course, pointed this out and everyone at the table laughed… except for The Wife. At one point I explained to everyone what it feels like to have your greatest idea ever before the age of 30. I am, of course, talking about THE Greg Horres Top 25 Friends Poll. As I told the table about the poll and how it started and how it grew into the greatest idea ever, everyone at the table laughed… except for The Wife. We also talked about my blog, causing everyone (except The Wife) to laugh. If you really want to see The Wife mad, let me be the reason people are laughing. She can’t stand it. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for her. But everyone else was having a good time. Let me take a second here to point out how great it was to have Janie there and how great she is. No, I’m not just saying that because she asked that I speak well of her on here. It was also great having (Name Withheld by Request) there, but she asked that I not use her name on here. After eating, we (and by we, I mean mainly the men) went to watch the USC game. The second half was how I expected the whole game to be. The first half caught me by surprise. I did get to see some highlights from the Clemson game and let me say I’m happy to see the Tigers were wearing orange tops and white britches. All and all I was happy that USC and Clemson didn’t do anything stupid with their uniforms. Speaking of stupid uniform ideas… UGA was UGLY. I wasn’t a big fan of the red on red, but I could live with that. But what was up with their helmets?! Who thought that would be a good idea?! I’m no Georgia fan (sorry Adrian) but even I felt bad for the players for having to wear that crap. Had I been a Georgia player, I would have just played without a helmet. I think it was just a one time deal for that game… but it was still a bad idea. As Sonny said, the devil went down to Georgia and he found a soul to steal… he ain’t behind anymore.

Sunday brought us more fun. We had a nice brunch in the late morning followed by a large amount of pool time. People came in later in the day to cook BBQ and BBQ chicken. There was more eating and laughing (and eye rolling by The Wife). The kids then roasted the largest marshmallows I’ve ever seen. One child roasted just one side of the marshmallow before taking it to her mother. Her mother said to also do the other side… so this child when back and started to twist the marshmallow (instead of just turning the stick over). We got a good laugh out of that… but don’t ask me who it was because I promised Allison I wouldn’t say. I did catch Kyler giving Susie an open mouth kiss. It seems the boy moves fast and has a thing for older girls (the apple don’t fall far from the tree, I guess). I made sure to let Bacon know he has some competition when I took Piglet and Susie to day care today.

Monday… aka, Labor Day… aka, the saddest day of Labor Day Weekend saw everyone pack their cars and leave. There was a lot of hugging and talking between packing and leaving. I don’t remember how fast the trip home was, but I don’t think it was longer than the trip there. Again, we only had to make one stop… which is good.

So that’s my Labor Day Weekend rundown. I do want to thank Jane and AJ for donating to my Memory Walk. There is still time for you to donate. Just click on the link over there ---> or click here.

Did you see the Maryland game last night? WOW! Great game. The best thing I can say about Maryland’s uniforms is that they aren’t UGA’s… and Jeremy likes them. I didn’t hate them (like The Wife did)… but I didn’t love them either.

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions Results

James Island at Fort Dorchester – I picked JI. Well, what do you know, the schedule I got from the newspaper was wrong. JI played Stall this past Friday night, not Ft. Dorchester. This is just another example of why the newspaper industry is going straight down the drain. Still, I would have picked JI against Stall and I would have been right. The Trojans won, 42-10 (if you believe what you read in the paper).

Summerville at Berkeley – I picked Summerville. I was right! Summerville won, 13-10.

Ashley Ridge vs. Socastee – I picked Ashley Ridge. Right again! Ashley Ridge won 29-25.

Dorman at Spartanburg – I picked Spartanburg to win this one. I was wrong. I had no idea how much Farmers Day would get the Dorman team pumped up for this game. Good job by Dorman to get their first win of the season.

USC vs. East Carolina (in Charlotte) – I picked USC. I was right! The Revolutionary War Heroes left Charlotte with a 56-37 win.

Clemson vs. Troy – I picked Clemson. I was right! Clemson beat Troy 43-19.

Navy vs. Delaware – I picked Navy. Right again! Navy won 40-17.

CSU at UCF – I picked Central Florida to win big. I was right! Central Florida won 62-0.

Wyoming vs. Weber State – I picked Wyoming to win. I was right! The Cowboys won 35-32.

Appalachian State at Virginia Tech – I picked Appalachian State to win. I was wrong. Va Tech won this game 66-13. Ouch.

None – Still no real football in the NFL.

High School: 8-1

College: 5-1

NFL: 0-0

Overall: 13-2

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant Horace Capron, Jr. (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions in June of 1862 at Chickahominy and Ashland, Virginia. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

Staff Sergeant Alvin P. Carey (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on August 23, 1944 near Plougastel, Brittany, France. His citation reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life, above and beyond the call of duty, on 23 August 1944. S/Sgt. Carey, leader of a machinegun section, was advancing with his company in the attack on the strongly held enemy hill 154, near Plougastel, Brittany, France. The advance was held up when the attacking units were pinned down by intense enemy machinegun fire from a pillbox 200 yards up the hill. From his position covering the right flank, S/Sgt. Carey displaced his guns to an advanced position and then, upon his own initiative, armed himself with as many hand grenades as he could carry and without regard for his personal safety started alone up the hill toward the pillbox. Crawling forward under its withering fire, he proceeded 150 yards when he met a German rifleman whom he killed with his carbine. Continuing his steady forward movement until he reached grenade-throwing distance, he hurled his grenades at the pillbox opening in the face of intense enemy fire which wounded him mortally. Undaunted, he gathered his strength and continued his grenade attack until one entered and exploded within the pillbox, killing the occupants and putting their guns out of action. Inspired by S/Sgt. Carey's heroic act, the riflemen quickly occupied the position and overpowered the remaining enemy resistance in the vicinity?

Technical Sergeant Charles F. Carey, Jr. (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on January 8-9, 1945 at Rimling, France. His citation reads:

He was in command of an antitank platoon when about 200 enemy infantrymen and 12 tanks attacked his battalion, overrunning part of its position. After losing his guns, T/Sgt. Carey, acting entirely on his own initiative, organized a patrol and rescued 2 of his squads from a threatened sector, evacuating those who had been wounded. He organized a second patrol and advanced against an enemy-held house from which vicious fire issued, preventing the free movement of our troops. Covered by fire from his patrol, he approached the house, killed 2 snipers with his rifle, and threw a grenade in the door. He entered alone and a few minutes later emerged with 16 prisoners. Acting on information he furnished, the American forces were able to capture an additional 41 Germans in adjacent houses. He assembled another patrol, and, under covering fire, moved to within a few yards of an enemy tank and damaged it with a rocket. As the crew attempted to leave their burning vehicle, he calmly shot them with his rifle, killing 3 and wounding a fourth. Early in the morning of 9 January, German infantry moved into the western part of the town and encircled a house in which T/Sgt. Carey had previously posted a squad. Four of the group escaped to the attic. By maneuvering an old staircase against the building, T/Sgt. Carey was able to rescue these men. Later that day, when attempting to reach an outpost, he was struck down by sniper fire. The fearless and aggressive leadership of T/Sgt. Carey, his courage in the face of heavy fire from superior enemy forces, provided an inspiring example for his comrades and materially helped his battalion to withstand the German onslaught.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!!!!!

It’s here! Labor Day Weekend is here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I of course am looking forward to spending the weekend with my family. As far as I know, everyone is going to make it except for two people. I will miss seeing Jane and AJ very much, but maybe they can make it next year.

Before I talk about some of my Labor Day memories, now seems like a good time to remind you about the Memory Walk that I am raising money for. We (and by we, I mean you and me) raised a lot of money last year and I expect us (and by us, I mean me and you) to do it again this year.

I have very little memories from the early Labor Day weekends back when we’d all stay in a house on the beach (or at the beach… again, very little memories). It’s understandable because I was very young back then. I’ve heard the stories from that time and I’ve seen the pictures so chances are the memories I have are from these things. I do know that it has been said how much I cried as a baby back then and how my poor mother would have to walk me up and down the street so that everyone else could sleep. I also know that apparently no one in my extended Labor Day family was told (or at least told back then) that my crying was due to ear troubles that have lead to me having multiple operations. Nope… Mom and Dad just wanted everyone to think I was a crybaby. This time is known as the BP (Before Paul) Era.

My first solid memories are of all of us staying in a lake house on Lake Marion (I think it’s Lake Marion… maybe it’s a different lake, that’s not really important). I remember we would stop at a little place on the way there and get ice cream. One time the person working there didn’t realize Dad was with us because he had gray hair and the rest of us had brown hair. The years going to the lake house were great. I can remember a lot of rain. The house wasn’t huge… but it was big enough. Sonny and I slept in the den. No Name Teri slept in a room with Janie, DG and their 3 girls. I don’t know when we started going to that house, but I’m pretty sure 1988 was our last year there. At some point during our time going to this lake house, the Paul Era began.

In ’89 we went to Ocracoke Island. That was a good year (though not great, since the Janie/DG branch of our family tree couldn’t make it). I remember the ferry ride back to the mainland was rough. The ferry was getting tossed around like it was just a little boat. I was getting sicker and sicker by the minute sitting inside, so Mom and Dad let me go out and stand by the rail. One rouge wave and little Greggie could have been washed away… another time when DSS would have had a slam dunk case… :)

The next stretch of years kind of runs together for me. I know we were at our house (and by “our house” I mean Mom and Dad’s house… it’s not my house and I know this because the bank wouldn’t let me take a mortgage out on it) for a couple of years and I want to say we were at Claire and Paul’s house once (which included a trip to Clemson for a football game).

At some point we started going to Claire and Paul’s beach house. This, I have to say, was a step up. Our years at this beach house were also the last years we all stayed in the same house (until this year). I think ’99 was our last year in this place. After that we started going to Litchfield and everyone stayed at their own place (sometimes close by… sometimes not so close). This was also the beginning of the Three Generation Era (or G3 Era), as the people who were children at the beginning of this whole thing (my generation) started bringing their children.

Now, after over a decade of being separate but close, we are going back to everyone staying in the same house. I, for one, am excited about this. I understand that it could backfire and everyone could find out that they really hate each other making this the last year we ever get together… but it could also be really fun. I’m betting it will be really fun.

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

The I’m just sayin... Football Predictions

It’s a big weekend for football with high school and college football underway. As you know, I like to pick games after doing as little research as possible. With that in mind, let’s see my picks for this weekend…

High School
James Island at Fort Dorchester – My school going against The Wife’s school… I’ve got to go with JI on this one. Come on, Trojans! Win this one for me!

Summerville at Berkeley – I told you before I’d probably pick Summerville in most of their games, so you shouldn’t be shocked that I’m going with the Team Danny Built. The Green Wave will win this one.

Ashley Ridge vs. Socastee – I know more about Ashley Ridge than I do about Socastee… and as Susie would say, I don’t know nothing ‘bout Ashley Ridge (ok, she hasn’t said that… but boy I’d love it if she did). So I'm taking the swamp foxes in this one (I think that's their nickname).

Dorman at Spartanburg – The “Cavaliers” of Dorman look to invade the Spartans of Spartanburg in what I’m sure will be a very eventful game. Folks, when these two teams get together you can throw out the record books (which is good because I don’t know what’s in said record books). My heart wants to pick Dorman, but my gut is telling me to go with Spartanburg. Since my gut is bigger than my heart, I’m taking Spartanburg to win this one.

USC vs. East Carolina (in Charlotte) – 7:00pm (FSN) – If this is really going to be the Year of the Revolutionary War Hero (and I think it might), then it will start with this game in Charlotte. I think it will be a high scoring game with USC coming out on top.

Clemson vs. Troy – 3:30pm (ESPN3.com) – The men of Troy are going to enter Death Valley to try to tame the Tigers of Clemson. I think this will be a close game but the Tigers will find a way to pull out the win.

Navy vs. Delaware – 3:30pm (CBS Sports Network) – I wish I could say something witty here, but I’m drawing a blank… so I’ll just give you my prediction that Navy will win this one.

CSU at UCF – 7:00pm (Bright House Sports Network) – Central Florida will win big against the Bucs from CSU.

Wyoming vs. Weber State – 7:00pm (MT) – You might be asking yourself, why is Greg picking the Wyoming game? I’m picking it because it’s the reason (or at least part of the reason) Jane and AJ can’t make it this Labor Day Weekend. After my extensive research (I looked on Jane’s Facebook page) I have decided Wyoming will win this one without any trouble.

Appalachian State at Virginia Tech – 12:30pm (ACC Network) – This is an interesting game. Va Tech has struggled in the past with their early season games (and by “in the past” I mean last season… I don’t remember past then). App State has been known to pull of the upset… but I’m not sure what they have back this season. I could see this one going either way, but since I have to make a pick I’ll go with Appalachian State winning this one.

None – Still no real football in the NFL.

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Major Charles E. Capehart (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 4, 1863 at Monterey Mountain, Pennsylvania. His citation reads:

While commanding the regiment, charged down the mountain side at midnight, in a heavy rain, upon the enemy's fleeing wagon train. Many wagons were captured and destroyed and many prisoners taken.

Colonel Henry Capehart (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on May 22, 1864 at Greenbrier River, West Virginia. His citation reads:

Saved, under fire, the life of a drowning soldier.

Lieutenant Vincent R. Capodanno (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on September 4, 1967 in Quang Tin Province, Republic of Vietnam. His citation reads:

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as Chaplain of the 3d Battalion, in connection with operations against enemy forces. In response to reports that the 2d Platoon of M Company was in danger of being overrun by a massed enemy assaulting force, Lt. Capodanno left the relative safety of the company command post and ran through an open area raked with fire, directly to the beleaguered platoon. Disregarding the intense enemy small-arms, automatic-weapons, and mortar fire, he moved about the battlefield administering last rites to the dying and giving medical aid to the wounded. When an exploding mortar round inflicted painful multiple wounds to his arms and legs, and severed a portion of his right hand, he steadfastly refused all medical aid. Instead, he directed the corpsmen to help their wounded comrades and, with calm vigor, continued to move about the battlefield as he provided encouragement by voice and example to the valiant marines. Upon encountering a wounded corpsman in the direct line of fire of an enemy machine gunner positioned approximately 15 yards away, Lt. Capodanno rushed a daring attempt to aid and assist the mortally wounded corpsman. At that instant, only inches from his goal, he was struck down by a burst of machine gun fire. By his heroic conduct on the battlefield, and his inspiring example, Lt. Capodanno upheld the finest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life in the cause of freedom.