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Monday, June 5, 2017


I would like to wish my good friend Danny L. Wright, Vol 2 a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Hopefully now that our favorite Nurse Jen is done with her Masters, she will be able to give this great day the attention it deserves.  In any case, I'm sure his sweet girls will make this a great day.

The swim season has started for Mary Ruth.  Her first meet was last Thursday night.  I've never been a fan of "participation" trophies (or ribbons), but I might make an exception for swim meets.  I don't know how these kids do it. I found myself more impressed with the kids who came in last than with the kids who won. For one race, Mary Ruth was one of these kids. It was the butterfly (which she hates... and I can't say I blame her) and it was the second time that night she'd had to swim it (the first was in a mixed medley). She made it to one end of the pool and was about halfway back when it looked like she was out of energy (just watching it, I was out of energy... and my shoulders were killing me). Most of the swimmers were done (I think there was one girl kind of close, but not close enough to catch) and the easy thing would have been to just climb out of the pool and walk the rest of the way. I'm not big on quitting, but I honestly don't think I would have blamed her. Know what's worse than having to swim the butterfly? Having to swim it and coming in last. But she didn't quit. She kept going and all I could do when she got to the end and got out of the pool was give her a big hug and tell her how proud I was of her. She could win a race later this season and I'm not sure I will be as proud as I was at that moment. Later on in the meet she came in 3rd in the breaststroke, but was DQ'd because of politics... haha, just kidding... I don't remember the reason she was DQ'd but I do know her coach didn't agree with it. I don't know enough about the sport to have an opinion (though that usually doesn't stop me). Either way, at the end of the night when we were home I asked her if she had fun. She told me she loved it (and that made me happy).

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