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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Building a new office (part 1)…

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We are going to take a look on here of pictures that were taken (either by me, or The Wife) over the last year or so documenting the building of the new I’m just sayin… office complex. Today is part 1 of a 13 part series. I hope you enjoy them…

A view of our property from up in the sky (also showing part of Aunt Yvonne's side and part of Mom's side)
The original house that was out there (this one was upfront around the top left part of the above picture... ours is near the middle of the field).

Up at the road

We're in a gated community

Property marker between us and Aunt Yvonne

The Wife and her brother taking a look at the land

Ant beds like this were all over the place. They aren't as bad now... but we're still fighting them.

Me and Susie taking a look at the property lines

The kids playing with Scooby in our future (at the time) backyard

The kids looking for places to play

Taking a walk back in the woods

Maverick with his "Moses" picture.  He got to see the promised land, but he died before we moved out there.  Of all of my dogs, he's the one I need the most out there now...

Susie standing on our land and Aunt Yvonne's land

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