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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Building a new office (part 13)…

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Below are pictures that were taken (either by me, or The Wife) over the last year or so documenting the building of the new I’m just sayin… office complex. Today is final part of a 13 part series. I hope you enjoy them…

The first back-to-school picture at the new house: Susie (2nd grade), Mary Ruth (6th grade) and Daniel (1st grade)

Pictures of the dog run my buddy Travis helped me build

Scooby was the first to use it

I don't have a picture of it, but we now have big stall mats in the dog run so the dogs won't track in any dirt/mud. 

This big fella hangs out above my hammock... I told him as long as he stays up there and keeps the flying bugs off of me, I'll let him live.

A little post-yard work rest with Scooby and Henry

Here's the total of what I gathered after the second trash pick-up...

We've got all types of creatures out here

Henry isn't really a big fan of the stairs.

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