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Monday, October 9, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd like to take a minute today to wish my cousin Louis a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I trust Casey and the girls will make this 39th birthday a great one.

From time to time I like to come on here and share my thoughts with you. It’s been a while, so now seems like a good time to let you know what’s going on in my head…

*Sonny sounds the same complaining as he does when he is happy.

*Building a new office on a lot of land sounds great until it’s time to cut the grass…

*Actually, cutting the grass isn’t so bad… getting gas to put in the lawnmower is the bad part.

*My one wish is life is that my children love one another.

*Susie told me she is going to “On-line College” so she doesn’t have to leave home.

*I don’t think he has announced it, but I assume Daniel is never going to leave.

*I’ll let him stay if he goes to Trident Tech to learn how to be an A/C repair man, a plumber AND a mechanic… I don’t care if he gets a job, it will be worth it just to have him be able to fix our A/C, vehicles and take care of any plumbing issues that come up.

*I’ll let Susie stay if she takes care of Daniel.

*I assume Mary Ruth will go off to college (on scholarship) and then come back to the area to work. Hopefully she won’t move too far away, because she’s the only one I really trust to take care of me AND The Wife (not just one or the other).

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