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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thanks Danny and Jen

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private William Shepherd (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on April 6, 1865, at Sailors Creek, Virginia. His citation reads:

Capture of flag.

Private Charles Sheppard (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions from October 21, 1876 – January 8, 1877, at Cedar Creek, etc., Montana. His citation reads:

Bravery in action with Sioux.

Private First Class Carl V. Sheridan (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on November 26, 1944, at Frenzenberg Castle, Weisweiler, Germany. His citation reads:

Attached to the 2d Battalion of the 47th Infantry on 26 November 1944, for the attack on Frenzenberg Castle, in the vicinity of Weisweiler, Germany, Company K, after an advance of 1,000 yards through a shattering barrage of enemy artillery and mortar fire, had captured 2 buildings in the courtyard of the castle but was left with an effective fighting strength of only 35 men. During the advance, Pfc. Sheridan, acting as a bazooka gunner, had braved the enemy fire to stop and procure the additional rockets carried by his ammunition bearer who was wounded. Upon rejoining his company in the captured buildings, he found it in a furious fight with approximately 70 enemy paratroopers occupying the castle gate house. This was a solidly built stone structure surrounded by a deep water-filled moat 20 feet wide. The only approach to the heavily defended position was across the courtyard and over a drawbridge leading to a barricaded oaken door. Pfc. Sheridan, realizing that his bazooka was the only available weapon with sufficient power to penetrate the heavy oak planking, with complete disregard for his own safety left the protection of the buildings and in the face of heavy and intense small-arms and grenade fire, crossed the courtyard to the drawbridge entrance where he could bring direct fire to bear against the door. Although handicapped by the lack of an assistant, and a constant target for the enemy fire that burst around him, he skillfully and effectively handled his awkward weapon to place two well-aimed rockets into the structure. Observing that the door was only weakened, and realizing that a gap must be made for a successful assault, he loaded his last rocket, took careful aim, and blasted a hole through the heavy planks. Turning to his company he shouted, "Come on, let's get them!" With his .45 pistol blazing, he charged into the gaping entrance and was killed by the withering fire that met him. The final assault on Frezenberg Castle was made through the gap which Pfc. Sheridan gave his life to create.

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A big THANK YOU to my good friends Danny (yes, that Danny) and our Favorite Nurse Jen for giving us tickets to Darius Rucker’s Big Band Concert (to benefit MUSC Children’s Hospital). Sadly, a sick baby girl kept them from being able to go so they asked us if we wanted the tickets. For the record, we offered to babysit for them so they could go (we know how to handle a sick baby who can’t sleep… and by “we” I mean, The Wife). Anyway, they are better parents than us because they decided to miss this event… we would have left a sick child at home and gone to the event without a second thought (and by “we”, I mean me… The Wife would have also done it, but she would have had a second thought). Anyway, so things from the concert (that may or may not have really happened).

*The place (North Charleston Performing Arts Center) was sold out. For the most part, the crowd was great… though there seemed to be some people who didn’t know the difference between a Big Band Concert and a Country Concert, but those people didn’t do enough to ruin the show.

*The Governor was there. So was my good friend (my words, not his) Senator Tim Scott.

*We think Dan Marino was there, but I didn’t want to turn around to see if I could see him.

*All the MUSC big-wigs were there. They were all happy to see me.

*The one or two times I met someone I didn’t know from MUSC, I introduced myself as Danny. That way, there wasn’t any pressure on me to behave the rest of the night.

*They asked me to come up after the concert and say a few words, but The Wife wouldn’t let me. First, she didn’t think I could just say “a few words” and second, she wasn’t sure she’d approve of what I would say. It kind of reminded me of the anxiety Mom and Dad must have felt when I got up to speak at MaMa’s funeral.

*Darius sang a lot of Frank Sinatra songs and told a couple of stories (one about meeting Mr. Sinatra and one about Dan Marino).

*He also sang a few other (more modern) songs that had been arranged for a big band performance. One of these was what I can only assume is his favorite Hootie and The Blowfish song, Let Her Cry. This might be the best version of this song. It’s definitely my favorite version. I wish I could get it on iTunes…

Not a great picture... but I didn't want to hold my phone up for a long time to take it.  Anyway, here's a pic from the concert.

In some sad news, Mrs. Morris passed away. You might not have known her, but I did. She was a very nice lady. I played baseball for many years with her younger son Kevin. Her older son Karl was a mentor to me (though he might not have known it) the two years we played together in high school. Both are great guys. Please say a prayer for the Morris family…

I’m just sayin… Pictures

Me and my buddy EC... she loves me

The Kids with Scooby and mommy at the park

Scooby liked the park, but he didn't want to be far away from his mommy for too long

Susie tried to tickle me... this is how she looked after I was done with her

Daniel ready for a fight

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