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Friday, May 22, 2015


Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private Eben Stanley (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on March 25 and 27, 1873, near Turret Mountain, Arizona. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

Corporal Edward Stanley (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on August 26, 1869, at Seneca Mountain, Arizona. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

Hospital Apprentice Robert Henry Stanley (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on June 13 and 20-22, 1900, in China. His citation reads:

For distinguished conduct in the presence of the enemy in volunteering and carrying messages under fire at Peking, China, 12 July 1900.

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I would like to take a minute today to wish my much older sister Teresa Lynn a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Or, as Sonny would say, a Happy “Just Another Day on the Calendar”. That Sonny… he’s all heart.

Not sure if you saw my post on the Instagram or the Facebook, but Susie had her “graduation” from day care last night. Next Friday is her last day there.

The I'm just sayin… Countdown May List of the Day

Top 22 NBA Players of All-Time

22   Charles Oakley

21   Tim Duncan

20   Bill Walton

19   Patrick Ewing

18   David Robinson

17   Charles Barkley

16   Jerry West

15   Pete Maravich

14   Isiah Thomas

13   Kobe Bryant

12   Oscar Robertson

11   John Havlicek

10   LeBron James

9   Shaquille O'Neal

8   Dr. J (Julius Winfield Erving II)

7   Bill Russell

6   Hakeem Olajuwon

5   Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

4   Larry Bird

3   Wilt Chamberlain

2   Magic Johnson

1   Michael Jordan

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