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Monday, May 11, 2015

Top 11...

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Corporal Willard M. Smith (US Marine Corps) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on August 5, 1864, on board the U.S.S. Brooklyn. His citation reads:

On board the U.S.S. Brooklyn during action against rebel forts and gunboats, and with the ram Tennessee in Mobile Bay, 5 August 1864. Despite severe damage to his ship and the loss of several men on board as enemy fire continued to fall, Cpl. Smith fought his gun with skill and courage throughout the furious 2_hour battle which resulted in the surrender of the rebel ram Tennessee.

Quartermaster William Smith (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on June 19, 1864, on board the U.S.S. Kearsarge. His citation reads:

Served as second quartermaster on board the U.S.S. Kearsarge when she destroyed the Alabama off Cherbourg, France, 19 June 1864. Acting as captain of the 11-inch pivot gun of the second division, Smith carried out his duties courageously and deserved special notice for the deliberate and cool manner in which he acted throughout the bitter engagement. It is stated by rebel officers that this gun was more destructive and did more damage than any other gun of Kearsarge.

Private William Smith (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on October 20, 1869, at Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

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Today we’re taking a look at the Top 11 Winthrop Basketball Players of All-Time… and by “All-Time”, I mean starting from when I got to the school. So these are all guys who I watched play. There are some players I really wished I could have had on this list… but I only had 11 spots.

The I'm just sayin… Countdown May List of the Day

Top 11 Winthrop Basketball Players of All-Time

11   Marcus Stewart   2000-01; 2001-02 (Transferred from the evil Coastal Carolina)   The only former Coastal Carolina player that I like.

10   Keon Moore   2013-14; 2014-15 (Transferred from Catawba College)   The only player on this list who didn't win a Big South Championship. So that should tell you just how good he is.  Had he won a championship, he could very well be near the top of this list.  

9   Andy Buechert   2007-08; 2009-10 (Previously played for Tallahassee Community College)   Known as the Giant Killer. I might be the only one who knows him as that… but I think it fits.

8   Craig Bradshaw   2003-04; 2004-05; 2005-06; 2006-07   He recruited Winthrop… Winthrop didn't recruit him. And, honestly, he's the reason I know New Zealand is not the same as Austalia. I mean… I probably already knew that, but he's the reason I cared.

7   Tyson Waterman   1996-97; 1998-99; 1999-00   He completely changed his way of playing when Gregg Marshall got to town.

6   Michael Jenkins   2004-05; 2005-06; 2006-07; 2007-08   After his first two years, I wanted his scholarship taken away from him… After his last two years, he made my Top 11 list of best WU players of All-Time.

5   James Shuler   2002-03; 2003-04; 2004-05; 2005-06   Ask anyone (or at least me and Jeremy) who we'd want to take a crazy 3 pointer with time running out and the game on the line… and we'd tell you James Shuler.

4   Pierre Wooten   1998-99; 200-01; 2001-02; 2002-03   The first high school recruit Gregg Marshall brought to Winthrop.

3   Chris Gaynor   2004-05; 2005-06; 2006-07; 2007-08   The PG who took WU to the "next level".

2   Greg Lewis   1999-00; 2000-01; 2001-02   I remember walking by him on campus… He looked like he was cut from stone and he was wearing contacts that made his eyes gold (or garnet) or… sometimes, one eye gold and one garnet. He may have been the sweetest guy in the world, I don't know… but he looked like a total badass. And he played like one too...

1   Terrell Martin   2003-04; 2004-05; 2005-06; 2006-07   Really, I think anyone in the Top 4 could be #1… but Terrell Martin is the guy I have here. A bad knee (knees? I don't remember) is what helped him "fall" to Winthrop. While he had some trouble with his knee while at WU, he was still the best player on some of the best Winthrop teams of all time.

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