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Saturday, December 12, 2015


Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private John Tweedale (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions from December 31, 1862 – January 1, 1863, at Stone River, Tennessee. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

Corporal Voltaire P. Twombly (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on February 15, 1862, at Fort Donelson, Tennessee. His citation reads:

Took the colors after 3 of the color guard had fallen, and although most instantly knocked down by a spent ball, immediately arose and bore the colors to the end of the engagement.

Corporal George William Tyrrell (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on May 14, 1864, at Resaca, Georgia. His citation reads:

Capture of flag.

I would like to wish my brother-in-law Brent a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say… of all the men my sister has married, Brent is my favorite. I hope he has a GREAT birthday!

Mary Ruth has her first basketball game today… hopefully The Wife won’t get tossed for yelling at the refs.

Today is one of the best days of the college football season… Army/Navy. Back at the end of 2004, Sonny and I decided to pick sides in this great match-up. At the time, Navy had just won the game for the 3rd time in a row bringing the series record to 49-49-7. Since that time, Navy has won every game in the series to take a 59-49-7 lead. Army hasn’t won this game since 2001. It’s actually at the point now that I feel kind of bad for them. Not so bad, however, that I want them to win…


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