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Thursday, April 21, 2016


Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant John Ward (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on April 25, 1875, at Pecos River, Texas. His citation reads:

With 3 other men, he participated in a charge against 25 hostiles while on a scouting patrol.

Private Nelson W. Ward (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on June 25, 1864, at Staunton River Bridge, Virginia. His citation reads:

Voluntarily took part in a charge; went alone in front of his regiment under a heavy fire to secure the body of his captain, who had been killed in the action.

Private Thomas J. Ward (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on May 22, 1863, at Vicksburg, Mississippi. His citation reads:

Gallantry in the charge of the "volunteer storming party."

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know that two of my very good friends have birthdays today. We will go in order of age, so…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KC!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope LA and the kids will make it a great day!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trust Rebecca and the boys will make it a great one!

As you know, May is right around the corner.  This year we are going to re-visit our songs countdown (which will, of course, be updated).  We can't wait!!!!!!

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