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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Who else would you have dinner with?

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The happiest time in my life is when they are being nice to each other...

As I told you before, if I could have dinner with any four people in history I would pick my grandparents. When I tell people this, they usually ask the follow-up question of… “Who else would you have dinner with?” This one is a little trickier as I would want way more than four people there. Still, the rules are you can only have four people… so my four would be:

Jeremy: Yes, first on the list is my friend Jeremy. Why? Because while these next three people may be great to have dinner with (obviously I think they would be or I wouldn’t pick them), there is a chance we will reach a point where we have nothing to talk about (or I decide I was wrong and I don’t like talking to them). That’s where Jeremy comes in. He’s what could be considered a safety net… someone for me to talk to if things go to hell during the dinner. I know what you’re thinking… Why Jeremy and not The Wife? Because I don’t think The Wife would want to eat with the other people at the dinner (mainly me).

Winston Churchill: This was a pretty easy choice. As you know, I’m a big fan of Winston Churchill and the role he played in WWII. I’m sure he has some good stories to tell.

Ronald Reagan: This is another pretty easy choice. I would love to have dinner with him and hear the stories he has. Plus, I find Reagan (and Churchill for that matter) to be pretty funny… so I think that would help make them good people to have at dinner.

I have to admit, this next one was hard… because I had so many other people I’d like to invite. There were so many people from different walks of life who I thought would be great to talk to… people from the military, writers, announcers, actors/actresses, other politicians, religious leaders… this list, honestly, is endless. But, the rules are I can only invite four people, so the final guest to my dinner would be:

Ernie Banks: How hard was this selection? I had typed the names Hank Aaron and Robert E. Lee into the spot before finally deciding on Mr. Cub. Maybe it’s just because my Cubbies are having a great season that helps give Ernie the edge over Hank and Bobby, but it’s not like his selection comes out of nowhere. As you know, I’m a Cubs fan and when you want to have a debate with a Cubs fan over who the greatest Cub of all was… It’s Ernie Banks. That’s it. That’s the list. There have been other great Cubs, to be sure, but the greatest was/is and perhaps always will be Ernie Banks. He’s Mr. Cub! I have to admit, one of my first questions (if not the first question) will be “How pissed are you that the Cubs have put together back-to-back seasons like this right after you died?” I mean, come on… they should have given Ernie something better to watch when he was still alive. I’d love to hear his stories about playing baseball during a time when the game was filled with all-time greats.

So there you have it… my list of people (who aren’t my grandparents) who I would like to have dinner with. I think it’s a pretty solid list. It’s a fun thing to think about… so who would you like to have dinner with?

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