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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I’d like to wish my eldest godson Lucas a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe he is now 6 years old! It has been a fun 6 years watching him grow up. Time is flying by…

I’d also like to wish Maverick a happy belated birthday! The old fella turned 15 years old yesterday. He’s got fatty tumors all over his body, breath that died about 3 years ago, two back legs that don’t always work like they used to, he sounds like Darth Vader when he breathes and I’m pretty sure he’s at least 70% blind… but there’s nothing wrong with his hearing. How do I know? Because whenever The Wife talks to me about replacing him, I look over to see him just staring at her. And, God bless him, he still thinks it’s his job to protect the house. Whenever he goes outside, he walks the perimeter making sure nothing has come through the fence. He is also good with Gertrude. In his younger years, that might not have been the case, but these days he has a little more of a live and let live attitude.

Maverick ready to ring in the New Year...

Mary Ruth, Susie, Lucas and Daniel partying like it's 1999

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