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Friday, May 6, 2016

Songs 1,200 – 1,151

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Private John H. Weeks (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania, Virginia. His citation reads:

Capture of flag and color bearer using an empty cocked rifle while outnumbered 5 or 6.

Sergeant Ellis R. Weicht (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on December 3, 1944, at St. Hippolyte. His citation reads:

For commanding an assault squad in Company F's attack against the strategically important Alsatian town of St. Hippolyte on 3 December 1944. He aggressively led his men down a winding street, clearing the houses of opposition as he advanced. Upon rounding a bend, the group was suddenly brought under the fire of 2 machineguns emplaced in the door and window of a house 100 yards distant. While his squad members took cover, Sgt. Weicht moved rapidly forward to a high rock wall and, fearlessly exposing himself to the enemy action, fired 2 clips of ammunition from his rifle. His fire proving ineffective, he entered a house opposite the enemy gun position, and, firing from a window, killed the 2 hostile gunners. Continuing the attack, the advance was again halted when two 20-mm. guns opened fire on the company. An artillery observer ordered friendly troops to evacuate the area and then directed artillery fire upon the gun positions. Sgt. Weicht remained in the shelled area and continued to fire on the hostile weapons. When the barrage lifted and the enemy soldiers attempted to remove their gun, he killed 2 crewmembers and forced the others to flee. Sgt. Weicht continued to lead his squad forward until he spotted a road block approximate 125 yards away. Moving to the second floor of a nearby house and firing from a window, he killed 3 and wounded several of the enemy. Instantly becoming a target for heavy and direct fire, he disregarded personal safety to continue his fire, with unusual effectiveness, until he was killed by a direct hit from an antitank gun.

Corporal Paul H. Weinert (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on December 29, 1890, at Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota. His citation reads:

Taking the place of his commanding of ficer who had fallen severely wounded, he gallantly served his piece, after each flre advancing it to a better position.

The I'm just sayin… Top 1,453 Songs of All-Time

Rank Song Artist/Group

1200 Holding Out For A Hero by: Bonnie Tyler

1199 Hip Hop Hooray by: Naughty By Nature

1198 Hey There Delilah by: Plain White T's

1197 Hair of the Dog by: Nazareth

1196 Grandma's Hands by: Bill Withers

1195 Girls by: Beastie Boys

1194 Gangsta Nation by: Westside Connection

1193 Free by: Train

1192 Feel Right by: Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal

1191 Epic by: Faith No More

1190 Do You Want To Build a Snowman by: Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn and Katie Lopez

1189 Darlin' by: The Beach Boys

1188 Christmas In Hollis by: RUN-DMC

1187 Christmas In Dixie by: Alabama

1186 Champagne Supernova by: Oasis

1185 Can't Stop This by: The Roots

1184 Bad Day by: Daniel Powter

1183 30 Years to Life by: Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

1182 Back When Country Was Ugly by: Tim Wilson

1181 I Will Always Love You by: Whitney Houston

1180 My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys by: Willie Nelson

1179 Beauty And The Beast by: Angela Lansbury

1178 Will You Still Love Me? by: Chicago

1177 Let Me Take You Home Tonight by: Boston

1176 The Lonesome Kicker by: Adam Sandler

1175 People Are Crazy by: Billy Currington

1174 Sk8er Boi by: Avril Lavine

1173 (It's Hard) Letting You Go by: Bon Jovi

1172 All You Really Need Is Love by: Brad Paisley

1171 Domestic, Light and Cold by: Dierks Bentley

1170 Sad Songs (Say So Much) by: Elton John

1169 Here For The Party by: Gretchen Wilson

1168 Holiday Road by: Lindsey Buckingham

1167 Shake Ya' Tailfeatha by: Nelly

1166 Better Class of Losers by: Randy Travis

1165 Here Comes Goodbye by: Rascal Flatts

1164 Keep On Loving You by: REO Speedwagon

1163 What Kind of Fool Am I by: Sammy Davis, Jr.

1162 Hello, It's Me by: Sister Hazel

1161 Let It Go by: Zac Brown Band

1160 First Baptist Bar and Grill by: Tim Wilson

1159 Back to December by: Taylor Swift

1158 Please Come To Boston by: Kenny Chesney

1157 The House I Live In (That's America To Me) by: Frank Sinatra with Neil Diamond

1156 Whiskey on Ice by: Hank Williams, Jr.

1155 The Best Thing That I Had Goin' by: Brad Paisley

1154 Run to You by: Bryan Adams

1153 Big Green Tractor by: Jason Aldean

1152 Long Live by: Taylor Swift

1151 You've Got a Friend In Me by: Randy Newman

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