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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Songs 1,300 – 1,251

Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Brigadier General Alexander S. Webb (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. His citation reads:

Distinguished personal gallantry in leading his men forward at a critical period in the contest.

Private James Webb (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on August 30, 1862, at Bull Run, Virginia. His citation reads:

Under heavy fire voluntarily carried information to a battery commander that enabled him to save his guns from capture. Was severely wounded, but refused to go to the hospital and participated in the remainder of the campaign.

Musician Alason P. Webber (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on June 27, 1864, at Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia. His citation reads:

Voluntarily joined in a charge against the enemy, which was repulsed, and by his rapid firing in the face of the enemy enabled many of the wounded to return to the Federal lines; with others, held the advance of the enemy while temporary works were being constructed.

The I'm just sayin… Top 1,453 Songs of All-Time

Rank Song Artist/Group

1300 Carry On by: Fun.

1299 Can't C Me by: 2pac feat. George Clinton

1298 Bad Guys Always Die by: Dr. Dre feat. Eminem

1297 Bad Blood by: Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar

1296 All Shook Up by: Ry Cooder

1295 You Oughta Know by: Alanis Morissette

1294 You Learn by: Alanis Morissette

1293 World On Fire by: Slash feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators

1292 When I'm Gone by: The Click Five

1291 When I'm Back On My Feet Again by: Michael Bolton

1290 When I was Your Man by: Bruno Mars

1289 When a Man Loves a Woman by: Michael Bolton

1288 What's the Difference by: Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Xzibit

1287 What About Me by: Moving Pictures

1286 We're All Gonna Die by: Slash feat. Iggy Pop

1285 We Trying To Stay Alive by: Wyclef Jean feat. Refugee Allstars

1284 We Are Young by: Fun. Feat. Janelle Monae

1283 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by: Taylor Swift

1282 Waterfalls by: TLC

1281 Ugly by: Jon Bon Jovi

1280 Two Princes by: Spin Doctors

1279 Turst and Obey by: Various

1278 Turn the Page by: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

1277 Turn Down for What by: DJ Snake and Lil Jon feat. Juicy J, 2 Chainz and French Montana

1276 Tryin' to Live My Life Without You by: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

1275 True to the Game by: Ice Cube

1274 True Believers by: Darius Rucker

1273 Too Little Too Late by: Barenaked Ladies

1272 To the Deep by: Emery

1271 Tim McGraw by: Taylor Swift

1270 Throwing it All Away by: Genesis

1269 Third Base Coach by: Terry Cashman

1268 Thinking Out Loud by: Ed Sheeran

1267 The Party Song by: Emery

1266 The New Style by: Beastie Boys

1265 The Measure of a Man by: Elton John

1264 The Little Drummer Boy by: Peggy Lee

1263 The Dayz of Wayback by: N.W.A.

1262 The Cover of "Rolling Stone" by: Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show

1261 The City of New Orleans by: Arlo Guthrie

1260 The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) by: The Chipmunks

1259 That's All by: Genesis

1258 That Thing You Do! by: The Wonders

1257 Tha Crossroads by: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

1256 Talkin' Baseball (Willie, Mickey and "The Duke") by: Terry Cashman

1255 Take Me To Church by: Hozier

1254 Sweet Southern Woman by: Atlas Road Crew

1253 Southern Style by: Darius Rucker

1252 Southern Comfort Zone by: Brad Paisley

1251 Someday I Suppose by: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

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