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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Olympic Review

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With the Olympics now over, it’s time to look at what I noticed about the 2016 Summer Olympics. Note, I did not make it a point to watch the Olympics this year. It’s not that I tried NOT to watch… I just didn’t make it a point to watch. Still, I was able to catch some good stuff live (or live-ish) and that’s about the best I could do this go around. I would try to rank these, but I just don’t have time to really process it all. So this is in no real order…

*The US won the Gold (Brianna Rollins), Silver (Nia Ali) and Bronze (Kristi Castlin) in the Women’s 100-meter hurdles.

*Usain Bolt proved (again) that he’s the fasted person alive. Why do I say that? Because I have a TV (and internet), so I can tell you Bolt got the triple-triple this year when he won a gold medal for the 3rd consecutive time in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay. Not to discount the other guys on that relay team, but I’m pretty sure I could have been one of the 4 and he’d still run fast enough for them to win.

*Michael Phelps is like a fast shark.

*Katie Ledecky… wow! I watched her swim in a race that was roughly the same distance as swimming from Folly Beach to Cuba (and back) and she won by so much that I thought she might lap the other people in the pool. Honestly, these were other Olympic Athletes in the pool with her and she CRUSHED them.

*I saw Simone Biles run and jump and then spin and twist and do things that made me think maybe gravity doesn’t have the same pull on her as it does the rest of the people competing. One girl who won the Silver even said that she won the non-Simone Biles division.

*The US crushed in the medal count with 46 Gold Medals, 37 Silver Medals and 38 Bronze Medals for a total of 121 medals. Yay USA!!!!!

*Local sports hero Raven Saunders came in fifth in the Olympic Shot Put. While she didn’t get a medal, she did her best (personal record of 19.35 meters) and made the Charleston area proud. Maybe we’ll be able to see her get a medal next time…

*The next two things I’ll remember from these Olympic Games aren’t really related to any sporting events… Ryan Lochte’s pants burned up after the big lie he told about being robbed at gun point. As someone who has been robbed at gun point, I was highly offended. Ha! Just kidding (about being offended… I really have been robbed at gun point). I just think he’s a dumbass.

*Brazil’s women’s synchronized diving pair split up after one of them had a “marathon sex session” with canoeist Pedro Goncalves the night before their event (they came in dead last in the event).

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