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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So… about Susie

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Today’s Pic

Me with my favorite Disney character of all-time.  Know what I said the other day about the look on Daniel's face making the trip worth it?  Forget it... me getting to see Donald Duck is what made the trip worth every penny!

Of all of my children… Susie is the LAST ONE I would have thought would break a bone. She doesn’t want to play any sports because she doesn’t want to get sweaty! So, it was somewhat surprising (to say the least) when The Wife called me last week to inform me that Susie broke her arm at school. From what I understand, a bull had broken loose from a nearby farm and was headed straight for the playground that was filled with children. Susie, with no regard for her own well-being, ran to get in front of the bull. Well Susie is small so, of course, the bull didn’t see her… therefore it never even slowed down. Picture it… a 5,000 pound bull running at over 70 mph (breaking, I must point out, the speed limit for that area) and there stood little brave Susie as the last obstacle between this killer bull and a playground filled with children. Without hesitation, Susie drop-kicked the bull right in the nose (little known fact, a drop-kick to the nose will stop a bull dead in its tracks) saving all of the children on the playground. Sadly, she landed funny and broke her arm in two places. So, long story short, she’ll be getting a hard cast put on it today or tomorrow. The school, of course, wanted to give her a medal and make a big deal over it, but Susie doesn’t like people making a fuss over her… so I told them not to worry about it.

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