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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Still raising money…

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Today’s Pic

I love this picture of Susie as she got ready to go to her first Girl Scouts meeting.

So, there was a lot of talk on the social media recently about Gabby Douglas and what she did (or didn't do) during the National Anthem during the medal ceremony.  It's times like these that show the down side of social media.  I've seen the picture everyone is using to judge her and... while it's not the best look, it's also not something that would cause me to shame her on Facebook and say she hates 'merica.  Had she sat down or turned her back to the flag, then I could see the issue.  But she didn't.  The great sin she committed (based on most comments I saw) is that she didn't have her hand over her heart. As someone who has played in and watched more sporting events than I can count, I can tell you not everyone puts there hand over their heart during the National Anthem.  And, I would guess, most (if not all) are not trying to be disrespectful to the US of A.  My takeaway from this is that some people on the Facebook and sites like it need to get over their self-righteous-high horse-better-than-everyone-else self and stop looking for things to complain/hate about.  Also, realize that just because someone puts something on a picture (like Gabby Douglas hates America... Share if you love America) doesn't mean you have to share it.  Share funny stuff... not stupid stuff.

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