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Friday, July 15, 2016

Lucy in the car…

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Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Sergeant Charles E. Wilson (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on April 6, 1865, at Sailors Creek, Virginia. His citation reads:

Charged the enemy's works, colors in hand, and had 2 horses shot from under him.

Corporal Charles Wilson (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions from October 21, 1876 – January 8, 1877, at Cedar Creek, etc., Montana. His citation reads:

Gallantry in action.

Private Christopher W. Wilson (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on May 12, 1864, at Spotsylvania, Virginia. His citation reads:

Took the flag from the wounded color bearer and carried it in the charge over the Confederate works, in which charge he also captured the colors of the 56th Virginia (C.S.A.) bringing off both flags in safety.

Today’s Pic

Sweet Lucy...

My sweet Lucy died over five years ago, but sometimes a memory will pop into my head and make me smile. As I’m sure you remember, Lucy was our first child (a pitbull/boxer mix who we adopted after Labor Day in 2002. She was a sweet girl who without a doubt loved me more than she loved The Wife. It’s not that they didn’t get along (though there were some… disagreements… here and there), it’s just that she loved me more. What can I say… she was a daddy’s girl. This particular memory is of how Lucy acted in the car. When she was in the car with me, Lucy would sit in the front seat and would look out the window as I drove. She loved it. When she was in the car with The Wife driving, Lucy would curl up into a tight ball on the floor in the back and tightly shut her eyes. Having been in a car with The Wife driving, I completely understand how Lucy felt. I’m just sayin…

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