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Sunday, July 10, 2016

That thing Colt did…

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Know Your Medal of Honor Recipients:

Signal Quartermaster Robert Williams (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on December 23-27, 1862, on board the U.S.S. Benton. His citation reads:

Serving as quartermaster on board the U.S.S. Benton during the Yazoo River Expedition, 23 to 27 December 1862. Taking part in the hour-and-a-half engagement with the enemy at Drumgould's Bluff, 27 December, Williams served courageously throughout that battle against hostile forces in which the enemy had the dead range of the vessel and were punishing her with heavy fire and, for various other action in which he took part during the Yazoo River Expedition.

Landsman William Williams (US Navy) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on November 16, 1863, on board the U.S.S. Lehigh. His citation reads:

On board the U.S.S. Lehigh, Charleston Harbor, 16 November 1863, during the hazardous task of freeing the Lehigh, which had been grounded, and was under heavy enemy fire from Fort Moultrie. After several previous attempts had been made, Williams succeeded in passing in a small boat from the Lehigh to the Nahant with a line bent on a hawser. This courageous action while under severe enemy fire enabled the Lehigh to be freed from her helpless position.

Private William H. Williams (US Army) received his Medal of Honor for his actions on July 20, 1864, at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia. His citation reads:

Voluntarily went beyond the lines to observe the enemy; also aided a wounded comrade.

Today’s Pic

As you know, The Wife and I have shared custody of our two step-dogs (Colt and Calypso). They were at our house a few weeks ago when Colt did a very, very bad thing. It was the Saturday before Father’s Day and I was cleaning condo’s/houses on Folly while The Wife was at work preparing for an audit (The Kids were on Mom and Dad’s James Island plantation). With all of us out of the house, Colt decided to viciously (without being provoked, according to Scooby) attack Susie’s baby (Bitty). Luckily, Maverick was able to step in and stop Colt before he could damage more than just her foot (again, according to Scooby). Needless to say, when we got home and Susie saw Bitty, she started sobbing (Susie was sobbing… Bitty, to her credit, took it like a champ and didn’t shed even one tear). I did what any dad in my situation would have done… I told Colt I was going to replace Bitty’s foot with one of his feet and went to get a saw. Luckily for Colt, I called The Wife (to find out where my saw was) and she said we could send Bitty to an American Girl Doll Hospital and they would operate on her and send her back. I know what you’re thinking… what kind of sucker sends a doll off to get repaired? Well, consider things from my point of view… 1. Those dolls aren’t cheap; 2. The hospital bill for those dolls isn’t expensive; 3. I don’t have a power saw and Colt has thick ankles… so it was going to take a good bit of effort to get his foot off of his body. So, I went and told Susie not to worry… I’d talked mommy into letting me send Bitty to the hospital to help her get better. Below are some pictures to verify most of what I’ve just told you…

One-Foot Bitty

Colt telling Susie "Sorry"

Colt in time-out

Bitty is back!!!!

Her discharge paper from the hospital

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